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Don’t Share the Fake Little Caesars Free Pizza Coupon

Don’t Share the Fake Little Caesars Free Pizza Coupon

A fake coupon for 4 free pizzas from Little Caesars has been seen circulating on social media.

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Survey Scam

In what is the latest in a long line of similar fake posts, we have an image of a Little Caesars coupon which promises 4 large Little Caesars pizzas to celebrate the company’s 57th anniversary.

fake little caesars coupon

You’ll note that the url above is a ridiculously long domain ending with “.xyz” – which certainly is not affiliated with Little Caesars.

If you click on the link, you’ll first be taken to a page which looks somewhat like a Facebook page, and a counter which seems to show the remaining coupons. You are encouraged to share the page with your friends as the first step toward getting your free pizzas.

fake little caesars

If you let the timer count down far enough, the page will automatically change to a popup which asks you to take a survey in order to get your free gift.

fake little caesar's

At this point, you have been duped into visiting a site which has no Little Caesars coupons to give you. What you’ll find are endless promises which will continue as long as you fill out surveys and sign up for other offers.

Little Caesars Response

On the company Facebook page, Little Caesars addressed the fake post, writing;

We are seeing a fraudulent Little Caesars coupon for “4 Free Pizza Pizzas” make its way through Facebook requiring users to share with their Facebook contacts. Please be advise that this coupon was not generated or distributed by Little Caesars and we advise you not to share or redistribute it to your contact list in the event you see it. We are working with Facebook to determine its origin and its immediate removal from the system.

Bottom Line

The coupon for 4 free pizzas from Little Caesars is fake. The link takes you to a site which is nothing but surveys and other offers, none of which ever results in a coupon for free pizzas. Although Little Caesars has addressed the fake coupon and said it is working with Facebook to remove the phony posts, the bogus coupon continues to circulate.

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