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Mary and Vertasha Carter Relationship: Real or Hoax?

Mary and Vertasha Carter Relationship: Real or Hoax?

A viral article describes a mother and daughter named Vertasha and Mary Carter who are involved in a romantic relationship. Today we’ll take a closer look at this story.

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An article posted on the website stuppid.com describes the incestuous relationship between the two women which allegedly began when the daughter was a teenager. The article which was posted on September 8, 2014 begins, “Mary and Vertasha Carter are more than mother and daughter. They are also lesbian lovers.”

Stuppid.com describes itself as a website which reports “craziest, stupidest stories in the world, stuff you just can’t make up.” The article provided no sources, nor did it specify where these two women reside.

The photo below was used as the graphic for the story.

Twitter Profile

Not long after the article began circulating, a Twitter profile allegedly from the two women appeared.  The Twitter profile is not cited by the original article, and it isn’t known if the person(s) behind it are related to the article at all. Further, that account only has one photo, which was used in the Stuppid.com article.

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The Photo

The photo used in the stuppid.com article can be found on web pages which pre-date the 2014 controversial article. It can be found on this blog about Mother’s Day 2012, or this Facebook page from May 2011. The original photo appears to have been flipped and subjected to retouching.

The blog owner has responded to the story in the post’s comments, stating, “…not only the story, but also the names were made up. Still, it is extremely offensive and damaging and absolutely WRONG! We are working to resolve the issue, but the website is very dodgy on contact info.”

Related Hoaxes

This story is reminiscent of the Pearl Carter and Phil Bailey hoax which went viral back in 2010. That viral story told of a grandmother and grandson who were in a romantic relationship and seeking to have a child. Although it was originally reported by legitimate news sites, the sole source of that story quickly pulled the article and no follow-ups were ever posted.

Bottom Line

It is impossible at this point to prove that Mary and Vertasha Carter do not exist, but it is clear that a stock photo was used for the story, and little identifying or corroborating information was provided by the writers of the article.

It’s likely a hoax by stuppid.com.

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