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About that McDonald’s “$1 Fries Any Size” Graphic Circulating Online

About that McDonald’s “$1 Fries Any Size” Graphic Circulating Online

A graphic circulating online shows a sign for $1 any size fries at McDonald’s through May 31, leading many customers to ask if it is real.

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It’s real, but it’s not a national promotion.

The graphic above has been circulating heavily on social media websites such as Twitter throughout May 2015. It shows a McDonald’s promotion featuring “$1 Any Size Fries” from May 18 through May 31. While patrons around the country have apparently attempted to take part in this promotion, McDonald’s told followers online that it was merely a local promotion.

In another 2-part tweet responding to this graphic, McDonald’s also noted that “Price and promotions are often determined by individual restaurants and local McDonald’s markets.”

McDonald’s removed fries from its dollar menu three years ago, which is perhaps one reason customers had high hopes when seeing the graphic above in circulation.

Bottom Line

The “$1 any size fries” McDonald’s graphic is real, but the promotion is only being offered at the local level. It is not a nationwide promotion.

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