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The Merengue Dancing Dog

The Merengue Dancing Dog

A video featuring Carrie the merengue-dancing golden retriever went viral back in 2010. Today we look back at this talented dog.

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A Chilean photographer taught his dog to dance to Latin beats as a pup, and video of the dancing duo went viral back in 2010. They have since become famous worldwide and appeared on such television shows as Late Night with David Letterman.

Jose Fuentes started training his golden retriever Carrie when she showed a talent for walking forward and backward on her rear legs. The two became local favorites and were “discovered” performing in a street mall in Santiago. They have made appearances worldwide an have even been featured in a documentary promoting Latin music.

Below is a current extended video making the rounds online:

Along with dancing, Carrie can also turn lights on and off, open and close doors, and trick-or-treat in costume while standing on her hind legs.

“She also dances cumbia and the national dance of Chile called the ‘cueca,’ which she does perfectly and in Chile that rhythm, that dance that she does is very popular, because it’s very measured, very precise and she does it perfectly,” Fuentes said.


Carrie has been called the most talented animal in the world by Animal planet.

Bottom Line

Carrie the dancing golden retriever continues to perform and will bring smiles to people worldwide for years to come.

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