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Milwaukee UFO Explained. (Hint: It’s not a UFO)

Milwaukee UFO Explained. (Hint: It’s not a UFO)

A video posted in late July 2015 shows mysterious lights over Milwaukee. Despite claims that this could be evidence of a UFO, the explanation is quite terrestrial.

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Milwaukee “UFO”

In a video which was shared nearly 100,000 times in its first week, we see a single bright light in the sky, which eventually “explodes” into several pieces which then drift in the sky.

milwaukee UFO milwaukee UFOmilwaukee UFO

The Golden Knights

As reported by TMJ4, the lights in the video above are not evidence of an alien invasion, but that of a group of parachutists known as The Golden Knights. The men performed the jump for Germanfest, and wore pyro sticks on their feet to light themselves for the stunt.

Staff Sergeant Mike Koch explained, “We wear sticks of pyro, seven sticks of pyro on our left foot in a very similar fashion to how we wear smoke. So if anyone saw our day jumps, we have this smoke you know.”

Other spectators have posted closer vantage points of the event.


When the video shows a single bright light, we are most likely seeing members of The Golden Knights lit up together as they prepare to jump. Just under the 15 second mark, you can see the “explosion” which is the moment the members all begin their skydives. The lights at this moment are quickly descending as the men fall freely. Seven seconds later, the lights begin to fall much more slowly as the men engage their parachutes. Finally, we see the lights drift slowly through the sky as The Golden Knights slowly descend.

Bottom Line

The July 2015 “Milwaukee UFO” showed a team of parachutists known as The Golden Knights who wore pyrosticks who performed the stunt for Germanfest.

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