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Classic Odd News: The New Zealand Sea Monster

Classic Odd News: The New Zealand Sea Monster

Video of the so-called New Zealand Sea Monster gained the attention of scientists, conspiracy theorists, and those simply interested in bizarre news stories when it circulated in 2013. Experts attempted to explain the strange carcass which washed up on a New Zealand beach.

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The Video

The video of the creature was posted on YouTube on April 28, 2013 showing a carcass on the beach. As of July 2015, it had amassed over 3.8 million views.


  • Orca (Killer) Whale – The most common explanation of what we are seeing is that of a partially decomposed orca whale. Several experts have expressed opinions that these are indeed killer whale remains. One expert told a New Zealand TV station that he spotted an identifying flipper on the creature. Others have pointed out that the conical structure of the teeth also match those of an orca whale.

Despite expert claims that this was a probably whale, others suggested it could be the remains a different creature. We’ve seen the following suggestions below, but the teeth on the creature in the video do not seem to match any of them.

  • Shark
  • Dolphin
  • Moray Eel 
  • Porpoise

Because the carcass was partially decomposed, ascertaining the identity of the creature by the shape of the head alone proved inconclusive to some readers. The conical teeth as seen in the video easily rule out many suggestions, however.

Here is the YouTube video which shows the New Zealand Sea Monster.

Skull Comparison

If you compare the creature in the video with skulls of those suggested above, it becomes clear based on the teeth alone that the orca whale is the most likely candidate. (See comparison below) It has been pointed out that a “false killer whale” is another possibility, as it also has whale-like conical teeth.

New Zealand Sea Monster Skull Comparison

Bottom Line

Experts have suggested that the New Zealand Sea Monster was the decomposed remains of a killer whale.

Tell us your thoughts on the New Zealand Sea Monster. Do you think these are the remains of an orca whale or could it be something else?

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Updated July 16, 2015
Originally published May 2013

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