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Store: No Eggs to Minors Around Halloween

Store: No Eggs to Minors Around Halloween

A graphic of a sign posted by grocery chain which bans the sale of eggs to minors around Halloween has gone viral.

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No Eggs to Minors

A sign posted at a Redner’s Market, a grocery chain based in Pennsylvania, states that “Due to Safety Concerns we are not allowing the purchase of Eggs By minors. From 10/24/15 thru 11/01/15.” A photo of the sign has gone viral on social media.

halloween eggs for sale

The practice is meant to prevent minors from throwing raw eggs at buildings, vehicles, or people during the Halloween season.

According to WPVI in Philadelphia, the ban is described as “longstanding practice” which was implemented as a way to help reduce the number of eggs in the hands of minors who seek mischief around Halloween.

While many readers debated the merits of the practice, others poked fun at the odd capitalization, while some even discussed the prices of the eggs and bacon shown in the photo. Customers of the store were interviewed about the policy. Most agreed that it “made sense” but there was no consensus as to whether it would actually discourage minors from tossing eggs during the Halloween season.

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