• Hoaxes & Rumors
    Welcome to North Carolina Concealed Weapons Sign

    A “Welcome to North Carolina” sign includes a warning about concealed weapons by its citizens, but is it real?

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Viral Photo: Google Maps Murder – or Wet Dog?

    A 2013 viral image from Google Maps allegedly captured a bloody murder scene on a dock in the Netherlands. Is it real or fake?

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Is the Wedding Ring Finger Connected by a Vein to the Heart?

    Are wedding rings worn on the left ring finger because it is the only finger which has a vein that connects directly to the heart?

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Did Hitler Say “To Conquer a Nation, First Disarm its Citizens”?

    A common – and controversial – quote attributed to Adolf Hitler states: “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” This quote is often cited amid gun control debates. Did Hitler actually speak these words?

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    9 Barrel Gun: It’s Real!

    A picture circulating online shows a gun with 9 barrels, leading some readers to ask if it is real or not.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Debunked: 1959 German Water Tower Incident

    An image allegedly shows a “water tower” which – after being approached by an Air Force squad – began to hum and ran off.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Classic Fake Photo: Golden Snake

    A photo of a beautiful and unbelievable snake with bright gold skin has circulated online for years. Is this golden snake real or a hoax?

  • Reviews
    Micro Touch One Razor Reviews: Does it Work? (Dec. 2015 Update)

    Micro Touch One is a safety razor advertised on television featuring Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. Read our Micro Touch One Razor reviews from editors and readers.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    About That Mark Zuckerberg Fake Giveaway Post

    After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he would give away the majority of his Facebook shares to charity, a false Facebook post claiming he was giving away 10% of those shares to users who re-posted a status update.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Sokhavy Hilton Did Not Win the Lottery. Again.

    A graphic shows a man holding up what he claims to be a winning powerball lottery ticket. It is also claimed that he will share $10 million with someone who follows him online.

  • Odd News
    Classic Odd News: Jurors Used Ouija Board In Murder Trial

    In 1994, a double murder suspect was granted a retrial because some jury members used a Ouija board to convict him.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    The Fake “Pig Fish” Photo

    An image allegedly shows a new species of fish known as a Hogfish or Pigfish because it has a head which resembles a pig. Is this real or fake?