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Parkour at 43 Floors

Parkour at 43 Floors

A viral video this week shows a man leaping across ledges on the 43rd floor of a skyscraper in Dubai, without the apparent use of safety harnesses.

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Oleg Cricket

Billed as parkour, the video below shows a man named Oleg Cricket jumping from ledge to ledge hundreds of feet up on a hotel in Dubai.

Titled “Insane Parkour Run,” the video amassed over a million views on YouTube in its first few days online.

The man describes the video in detail on the his Tumblr page. He states that the video was spontaneous, and described it as “one of the memorable moments in life.” Although he claims that he did not plan to perform the stunt as seen in the video, he also tried to make it look professional and “not corny” while filming it. Eventually hotel security asked him to exit the roof.

The video was featured on GQ’s website, described as “Silly Man With Death Wish Does ‘Parkour’ on a Skyscraper.”

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