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Philippines Dog Tied to Back of SUV: Real or Hoax?

Philippines Dog Tied to Back of SUV: Real or Hoax?

A photo circulating online today shows a dog helplessly dangling from the back of an SUV in a sack, it’s snout tied with tape. Is this photo real? Unfortunately, the photo and the story are genuine. When I first saw the picture, it seemed so ridiculous that I thought it had to be a fake. But the original poster of this photo has several others that corroborate the events in the ubiquitous photo.

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Story spreads

Though the original photo appears to have only been posted about 24 hours prior to the writing of this article (3/11/12, in the U.S.), the photo and the story have spread quickly. Bloggers such as this one and this one have jumped on the story, as well as traditional regional media, such as this one from TV5 based in Quezon City, Philippines. It is possible that the story took hold when the original poster added a tag forged the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on the photo.

At first this photo seemed too ridiculous to be real. But it is.

Dog Freed

The final picture in the album shows that the dog was freed. Many commenters have expressed desire to find out who the perpetrators are, but the TV5 story tells us that the identity of the driver was already revealed through an investigation by PAWS. The license plate BDK 617 is clearly shown in the photo, and made identification simple for authorities. Apparently the SUV and the dog belong to an attorney who had just arrived in town. One can only surmise that this was the “best” solution the attorney could find for transporting his pet. It’s also a good guess that today the attorney is regretting that decision.

You never know who is watching, and you never know when a lapse in judgement will be this week’s viral story. This attorney will be relegated to defending himself in the ashes of outrage caused by his treatment of this dog.

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