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When a Freakishly Large Burger Created as a Joke Became a Bestseller

When a Freakishly Large Burger Created as a Joke Became a Bestseller

An April Fool’s joke by the owner of Soul Burger in Australia backfired when the freakishly large vegan burger became one of the restaurant’s biggest sellers.

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The Plantbased Disgrace

Soul Burger owner Amit Tewari decided to put a fake over-sized burger on his menu as an April Fool’s joke. The burger included the entire Soul Burger menu under one bun. He said that when people started booking airline tickets to try the colossal oddity, he decided to turn the prank into a real item.

“My graphic designer and I thought it would be a great idea to take the piss out of the emerging trend of hipster burgers, so we Photoshopped a made-up burger with our entire menu on it for our monthly ‘Burger of the Month’ special. We ended up actually putting it on the menu because of the sheer amount of requests. We had people telling us they were booking tickets to Sydney to try the burger, so they needed to know if it was real.”

The company’s Instagram account describes the burger as “A coconut thickshake, plant based sausage, chick’n schnitty, beef, battered fish, aioli, mushroom, roasted peppers, fallafel, tomato, lettuce, herbed mayo, pineapple, cheese, and X 2 syringes of ketchup and mustard.”

Tewari said that one of the biggest challenges is getting the item to the customer’s table. “We put two spikes through the burgers to hold them up, with straws that go through the syringes to hold them up. We make sure the coconut shake doesn’t actually touch the bread that’s on top of it either. It’s harder than it looks.”

It is listed as available for the month of April for $35, and other social media posts state that “After April 30 it is all over!”

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