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Poolman Renders CPR to Dying Squirrel (VIDEO)

Poolman Renders CPR to Dying Squirrel (VIDEO)

An Arizona pool repairman has saved the life of a drowning squirrel by giving it CPR. Watch the incredible video and read about it here.

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The Pool Repairman and a Drowning Squirrel

In June 2014 it was reported that a Phoenix, Arizona pool repairman named Rick Gruber saved the life of a drowning squirrel while setting up a pool heater. After hearing and then observing the animal splashing around in the pool, Mr. Gruber retrieved a length of PVC pipe from his truck in efforts to trawl the creature from the waters. By the time he returned, it was stated that the rodent was floating motionless beneath the water. In an interview with KTVK 3 TV, Gruber explained:

“He just looked like he needed help and I figured he hadn’t been in there for very long… I figured I could try to pull him out and try to see if I could bring him back to life because there was still a chance he hadn’t been in there for maybe a minute.”

Mr. Gruber was able to fetch the Prairie Dog from the pool and then he gently administered CPR by buttressing the critter over the PVC pipe. Incredibly, he was able to resuscitate the varmint. Even better, the incident was caught on video.

Video of Poolman reviving Squirrel

Gruber’s hour long Youtube video of the occurrence was posted on May 15th. Early this morning, he thanked viewers who had left favorable comments with the following bit of cosmic advice:

“I did what any human should do when someone is in need of help. I just hope that maybe people will stop to appreciate the small things that make the planet go around too and not forget we are all riding the same spinning ball. Let’s keep it going and ride it out together without hate and drama.”

Albeit odd, Gruber’s words and actions are inspirational. Who would have thought that such an absurd story could be used to spread such a powerful message. After all, maybe it is the little things in life that are important.

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