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What Happens When You Press 1 on This Picture? (Nothing!)

What Happens When You Press 1 on This Picture? (Nothing!)

A graphic posted on Facebook includes a caption that readers should “watch what happens to the pic” after they press 1 in the comments.

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Nothing Happens.

Let’s first take a look at the graphic, which passed 500,000 likes and over 11,000 shares in its first 24 hours:

what happens press 1

The graphic reads “Hit like press 1 watch what happens to the pic” while the caption states, “Lol Tf she disappeared Wowwwwww omg #share #share.”

In addition to the impressive number of likes and shares, the photo also amassed over 400,000 comments in just one day. Most of those comments, however, are merely the number “1,” along with a few readers who noted that nothing happened.

This is an old ploy which we saw in heavy numbers back in 2011 and 2012 when Facebook page admins would use this underhanded tactic to artificially boost their page numbers with likes, shares, and comments.

The reality is that commenting on a photo will not cause it to change into something else. After you comment “1” the photo will remain exactly as it is.

It isn’t clear if this particular photo version was posted to generate likes and shares, or merely meant as a joke. Either way, nothing will happen if you like and press 1.

Did you fall for the trick?

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