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Twitter Rumor: Sanda Bland Mugshot Edited

Twitter Rumor: Sanda Bland Mugshot Edited

A photo is circulating on Twitter today which allegedly shows an “unedited” Sandra Bland mugshot in which the woman appears unconscious or dead. There are also accusations that her original mugshot was edited by police.

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Edited Mugshot?

The photo which has received significant social media sharing shows Bland with her eyes rolled in the back of her head. This is in contrast to the image which has been circulated in the media that shows Bland very much awake.

Captions for the image state that the new version is the “real mug shot” and that the police Photoshopped the official image to show Bland conscious.

Some on social media have also suggested that Bland was photographed while on the ground, and not standing against a wall.

Bland’s 15-page booking sheet was also released, which includes a second photo of Bland from the side and her signature. A high-res version of that side photo has not yet been released.


Bland was arrested on July 10 and made several calls to her family over the next few days before being found dead on July 13. The booking sheet linked above was produced on July 10 and included two images of Bland, thus it appears unlikely that she was unconscious or dead at the time of her mugshot.

We’re still trying to ascertain the source of the photo circulating on Twitter and will update when we have additional information. If you have any information, please leave us a comment below.

Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell three days after being arrested during a routine traffic stop earlier this month.

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