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Spanish Fisherman UFO Video: Real or Fake? (VIDEO)

Spanish Fisherman UFO Video: Real or Fake? (VIDEO)

A video allegedly shows a UFO filmed by fisherman near Galicia, Spain. The craft hovers over the ocean before splashing into the water as military jets fly overhead. Is this video real or fake?

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It’s a scene from a 2009 viral marketing film.

Let’s first take a look at the video which has circulated for several years. In a video that received significant sharing on YouTube in 2009 and again in 2014, we see men on a fishing boat watching what appears to be interaction between military aircraft and a UFO. The flying saucer hovers over the water, releases what appears to be a smaller object, and then splashes into the water.

The original video was removed in 2016, but still appears on other YouTube channels, such as the version below.

“El Ovni Gallego”

While the footage above is quite dramatic, the Galacian UFO footage was created for the 2009 viral marketing film El Ovni Gallego as a promotion for the website Terra Spain (terra.es). And, while the fishing boat scene is convincing, the rest of the video is not quite as realistic, featuring a green man speaking in Spanish.

In its explanation of the film, Terra Spain described the video (below) as an homage to Orson Welles on the 71st anniversary of his famous War of the Worlds broadcast.

In recent weeks the publication of news of the UFO phenomenon have been part of a tribute to the director and screenwriter. Terra News always put into question the published information , and never confirmed its veracity.

A trailer and “making of’ videos were also released.

Additional footage of the actors during the filming of the scene can be found in the “Making of El Ovni Gallego” video below.

The viral marketing campaign circulated worldwide in late 2009, but the video resurfaced in 2014, with many readers unaware that it was not new and its origins are very much terrestrial.

Bottom Line

The video showing a UFO and military craft interacting over the ocean near Spain is not real. It was created for the 2009 viral marketing campaign film called El Ovni Gallego for the website Terra Spain.

Updated July 21, 2015
Originally published May 2014

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