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  • Odd News
    Odd Creature: A “Zonkey” is Half Zebra and Half Donkey

    It sounds like a made-up word, but a “zonkey” is in fact a real animal. Every few years, you’ll hear about the birth of a rare zonkey, such as that of April 2014, when video surfaced of a zonkey that was born in Mexico. Zonkeys are half zebra and half donkey.

  • Hoaxes & Rumors
    Golden Zebra: Real or Hoax?

    An image that has been circulating online for several years claims to show a rare golden zebra. Is this image real or fake?

  • Humor
    Can You Find the Mistake in the Photo?

    Here at Waffles, we spend a great deal of time taking on scammers and spammers, which is why we love these “Find the…” photos as a great diversion. So today we have a great “Find the…” photo. We are asked to look at this photo and see if we can spot the...