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Classic Viral Video: Bicycle Teleportation Rescue

Classic Viral Video: Bicycle Teleportation Rescue

A classic viral video allegedly shot from closed circuit camera shows a cyclist being saved from certain death by a supernatural being which teleports the person to safety at the last moment. Is it real or fake?

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It’s not real.

The video, which first made its rounds back in 2012, was produced as a promotion for the Chinese video game Zhu Xian 2. The convincing video gathered millions of views, often shared by readers who believed the footage was real.

As the video circulated, it was often claimed by readers to be an angel, alien, or time traveler which rescued the cyclist from a speeding van. Some versions stated that the video was shot in Russia, while most versions set the video in China.

Take a look at the video below.

In this video, entitled, “ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China?” we see closed circuit video of a relatively empty street, dated September 5, 2012. Seconds into the video, a fast-approaching van nearly hits a person on a three-wheeled cycle. The cyclist is miraculously saved by person who instantly teleports the near-victim to the side of the road. The cyclist and the driver exit their vehicles, while the mysterious rescuer silently walks away.

Zhu Xian 2

The video above was created as part of a larger marketing campaign for the video game Zhu Xian 2. The hero of this “security video” is a character from the game referred to as “dragon totem girl.” It was created by the marketing company Perfect World as a series of videos featuring the heroine performing miraculous rescues such as the one featured in the video above.

Further Proof

Below are additional points to note as further corroboration about the video’s origin.

  • The video is included on the game maker’s (Wanmei) website as a series promotional videos. Other videos depict the heroine performing a series of supernatural movements and rescues.
  • It has been pointed out that closed circuit security footage is not typically as clear as that in the video above.
  • A skid mark left by the van in the video resembles the game’s dragon logo.

Real Teleportation

Although the type of teleportation depicted in the video is a work of fiction, in early 2014 scientists achieved “reliable quantum telportation for the first time.” While perhaps not as impressive as the “Chinese Teleportation” video, quantum teleportation has far-reaching implications and could prove Albert Einstein’s well-known objections to quantum mechanics wrong.

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Other Fake Teleportation Videos

The teleportation video above was perhaps inspired by a 2010 marketing campaign by Lynx Excite, the international name for the men’s product line Axe. That campaign also included “surveillance footage” which showed angels falling from the sky. Readers who were convinced it was real referred to the beings as angels, aliens, or time travelers.

You may also be interested in a far less impressive Russian “teleportation” video which gained a few hundred thousand views after it was posted in late 2012. That video claimed to show a cyclist “teleporting” from behind another man in the video.

Bottom Line

The bicycle teleportation video which shows a cyclist being miraculously rescued is not real. It was released in 2012 as a promotion for a Chinese video game. Other videos were released showing the character performing similar feats of rescue to promote the game.

Updated May 24, 2016
Originally published July 2014

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