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Fake Giveaway: Walmart Black Friday Passes

Fake Giveaway: Walmart Black Friday Passes

A link circulating on social media claims Walmart is giving away 2 free “Early Entry” passes to access Black Friday. It’s not true.

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Survey Scam

This is the latest in a recent increase of survey scams which have flooded Facebook and other social media sites. The link headline reads, “Walmart is giving away free 2 Hour Early Entry Black Friday Exclusive Pass (89 Pass Remaining).”

When you click the link, you’ll be taken to a website which features a Facebook-looking layout, and which is nearly identical to other survey scams we’ve covered recently.

walmart survey scam

First you’ll be asked to share the page with your friends on Facebook, then you’ll be instructed to click a link which takes you to another website that promotes a rewards program. This program requires you to perform various tasks such as filling out surveys, purchasing items, and recruiting your friends.

The Black Friday “Early Entry” pass will no longer be mentioned, as there was never one to give away in the first place.

Bottom Line

Walmart isn’t giving away early entry Black Friday passes posts circulating on social media suggest. This is merely a bait-and-switch tactic which is attempting to trick you into signing up for a “rewards” program.

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