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What Happens on this “Put Your Finger On Any Color” Photo?

What Happens on this “Put Your Finger On Any Color” Photo?

A graphic circulating online shows three colored dots and asks you to “Put your finger on any color.” Readers are then told, “Now click share, notice what will happen.” So, what is the trick here?

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Nothing will happen.

Although the caption promises an “Amazing… Mind blowing” result, in reality this is just an attempt to gain likes and shares for this photo and the page that posted it. It is merely one of a long line of these types of phony posts which promise something amazing after you like or share it.

The act of sharing or liking an image will in no way change or alter the original, nor will anything show up on the screen after doing so. Sharing an image will not show anything other than what you’ve already seen in the original post.

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What’s the purpose? The goal is to get more shares, which will eventually get the page more likes. Tricking people into sharing helps the page facilitate and expand their Facebook presence. If you see this photo being shared, you are best advised to simply ignore it.

If you fell for it, don’t worry. Hundreds of thousands of others have done the same. The page owners also bank on the fact that most people who liked the page will not bother to go back and un-like it.

Bottom Line

The graphic which asks readers to put their finger on any color and then share it will yield no results. It’s a trick to get more likes and shares for social media pages.

Updated May 14, 2015
Originally published November 2012

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