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The World War II “Duck Face” Photo is a Modern Picture

The World War II “Duck Face” Photo is a Modern Picture

A photo which has circulated online for several years purportedly shows two World War II era women posing with a modern “duck face.”

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Modern Photo

The poplar image does not show two women from the 1940s, but two modern women in vintage outfits. Let’s first take a look at the photo and how it has been mis-captioned over the past several years.

Perhaps the most common caption reads, “World War II: When duck face was actually kinda cute.” Another variation gives the year as 1942. Yet another describes the photo as depicting “Two nurses during WWII posing for a picture outside the hospital.”

wwii duck face black and white

Some skeptical readers have pointed out that the clarity of the photo does not represent most photography of the WWII era, but there has been little rebuttal to the claim that it is a 70-year old image. The skeptics, however, proved to be right as this is certainly not a photo snapped during WWII.

The Spinettes

The two women in the photo were not photographed in the 1940s, but in the last few years. They belong to the vintage performance group The Spinettes. This UK-based ensemble describes itself as a “vintage inspired trio.” On Instagram they are described as “A Vintage Inspired All Singing All Dancing Girl Band Perfect for any Event!”

The original color photo can be found on the group’s official website, labeled, “The Spinettes behind the scenes Vintage Fair – the famous duck face.”
Spinettes original duck face

On Instagram, the group has acknowledged the viral photo on several occasions.

Bottom Line

The photo allegedly of two women doing the “duck face” back in the 1940s is actually a modern photo taken of two performers from the vintage singing group The Spinettes.

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