Alert: Fake “Unsealed” Product Giveaways on Facebook

A ploy on Facebook is the creation of fake Facebook pages offering phony giveaways of “unsealed” products. Today we’ll take a closer look at this trend and some of the more prominent examples.

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Fake Promotions

These “giveaways” surged in 2013 on Facebook by pages that began a slew of activity, posting photos of well-known product, and claiming to be giving away a large quantity of them because they were “unsealed” and thus could be sold. Some will claim these are “ex-display” models and being given away. Although this scam has been outed by numerous websites and writers, the scam still exists in late 2014.

These promotions cannot be found on official company websites or Facebook pages because they are fake.

This fake Beats by Dre Facebook page was shut down soon after we contacted the company for a comment.

Why do it?

The biggest question is why someone would bother running a fake promotion, especially if they aren’t even linking to a website of any kind. From our research, we have found that the most likely reason such fake promotions are created is to simply build up a Facebook page with massive amounts of likes. These pages are then sold, renamed, and all traces of their fake promotions are deleted.


GHD Straighteners. The fake page’s first post was 22 hours prior to this article’s original post date and claimed, “We have got 569 GHD Hair straighteners that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free. Want a pair? Just Share this photo & Like our page then we will choose 569 people completely at random on 20th March.” Oddly enough, the fake page had more likes than the real GHD page did at the time.

Beats by Dre

We had a full article ready to publish, but this page was shut down soon after we contacted Beats by Dre for a comment  The fake page had an almost identical promotion: “We have got 1,239 boxes of Dre Beats and 250 Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Limited Edition that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free. Want a pair? Just Share this photo & Like our page and we will choose 1,239 people completely at random on March 15th.”

Update: After the fake Beats by Dre pages popped back up, we decided to publish the full article here.

MacBook Pro

We spotted this fake “unsealed” giveaway which asked for users to comment with their country. This is a good way to fool people into commenting, which spreads the image and gains likes faster. Their caption stated:

We have got 50 Macbook Laptop’s that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed so we are giving them away.

If you want a pair, just share this photo and like -> Apple Comment your country below.


In April 2013 we saw several fake iPhone “unsealed” giveaways, although the number of likes these pages are receiving appears to be slowing somewhat. Here is a caption from one spotted April 4, 2013 (and submitted by a reader):

We have got 239 boxes of iPhone’s 5 that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free.

Want one of them? Just Share this photo & Like our page and we will choose 239 people completely at random on 5 April and winners will be posted here.

The photo to the right has been used in dozens, if not hundreds, of these fake “unsealed” giveaway pages.

Here is a screenshot of the fake GHD giveaway spotted on March 8, 2013. Notice that it has over 100,000 shares!

Bottom Line

Fake product pages online have been offering phony giveaways of “unsealed” products as a way to build easy likes for their pages, which are then sold and renamed.

Have you seen one of these fake promotions on Facebook? Drop us a link in the comments below!

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24 Comments on Alert: Fake “Unsealed” Product Giveaways on Facebook

  1. The links for the clothes take you to a site in the UK pretty sure its not leggit. Never any posts about winners

  2. We’ve seen a couple of these today, all of them created within the last 24 hours. They also do not even say who “they” are. Does not look legit at all.

  3. There is a currently running “446 Unsealed Samsung Galaxy S4″ scam on Facebook.

  4. graciela hernandez // July 7, 2013 at 6:26 pm // Reply

    Quiero una

  5. Camay Campos // July 7, 2013 at 6:23 am // Reply

    Apple Imac Giveaway’s photo.

  6. Lorie pitt // June 26, 2013 at 11:01 am // Reply

    Mobile freebies on Facebook. Looks fake over 20 thousands of people hoping to get free opened dell computer

  7. I had almost fell for the iphone 5 one but when I got the email back from them they wanted 29.95 s&h. I wae like this is a scam and didn’t reply back. I seen a few people that said they were going to pay the shipping and handling fee. Its sad and it looks like they are making money

  8. justice crew have the iphone scam giveaway on their page.

  9. And only a few hours later, it appears to be gone already!

  10. Megan Louise // April 14, 2013 at 6:52 am // Reply

    I fell for this, but I was told by a friend about the fake giveaways. Nobody deserves to be played like that x

  11. That link seems to be gone already!

  12. I just seen this latest iphone 5 give away. knew it was too good to be true.

  13. Jelly belly // April 8, 2013 at 1:12 pm // Reply

    To cancel, I meant to say.

  14. Jelly belly // April 8, 2013 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    Why are you yourself advertising a scam at the bottom of your page?
    Is the testers required not a huge scam In itself? Test a product for the cost of P&P and if not cancelled pay an arm and a leg for following monthly supplies that are near on impossible, at a greatly inflated price. Who buys products at these prices? Who can afford that kind of money? Ad how many people send off for all the samples only to realise that they will be charged individually, monthly, for further supplies? I’ve known people to go overdrawn and miss vital mortgage payments because they didn’t read the T&C of this offer.
    Scam…you betcha.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s unclear what scam you are referring to, as we aren’t an advertiser.

  15. Thanks and keep ‘em coming!

  16. Yep that’s fake. We dropped a link in the comments!

  17. Yep that’s fake too!

  18. Didn’t know if anyone was aware that a new apple give away scam page was created on march 24, 2013. The page is Apple . Specially the space and the dot after Apple

  19. What value does a Facebook page with a lot of “likes” have if it’s due to a fake giveaway. Its not like a real and loyal following has been built. Why would anyone buy such a page? Is it just about getting a list of names?

    • It probably doesn’t really provide much value in the long run, because once a business starts posting on one of these pages, people will probably unlike it in droves. I don’t think it’s reputable businesses that buy these pages, but perhaps affiliate marketers or the types of businesses that you find in your junk email folder.

  20. The thing that gets me is the fact that people believe this giveaway crap!

  21. Dre seems to have not been playing around. That page doesn’t appear to exist anymore.
    Odd there’s been no official response through their feed.
    Looking forward to the full write up.

    • We had sent them a message with the link earlier, so perhaps they contacted Facebook. That’s a good thing! We decided to just update this article and post the screen shot here, since the Dre page is gone now.

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