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How to Hide a Facebook Friend Without Unfriending Them

How to Hide a Facebook Friend Without Unfriending Them

It is possible to hide a Facebook friend from your news feed without actually unfriending them. Today we look at a couple of ways of achieving this, and discuss additional concerns encountered by our readers.

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The procedure for hiding a friend from your news feed changed in 2013. Below is the most recent way to achieve this, valid as of July 2014.


In early 2013, Facebook offered the ability for users to “subscribe” to public posts by any users who enabled the subscribe feature. It was generally believed that this feature was Facebook’s answer to Twitter’s follow/unfollow feature, which – unlike Facebook – allows users to have a non-mutual connection. This belief appeared to be confirmed when Facebook recently changed the “subscribe” feature to be “follow” and “unfollow.”

By default, you automatically follow any friends you add on Facebook, or anyone to whom you send a friend request – even if they don’t accept your request. You can, however unfollow any of your friends while remaining connected to them. This allows you to retain your friendship without seeing any of their posts.

The follow/unfollow feature is now the way to hide a Facebook friend without unfriending them, and it can be performed in several places.

Method 1

In your news feed, click the drop-down menu by one of your friend’s news stories. You can then select “unfollow.”


You can unfollow your friends by selecting the drop-down menu on your news feed.

Method 2

Visit your friend’s profile and simply uncheck the button which reads “following.” You can also get a similar pop-up when you mouse over your friend’s name from anywhere within Facebook.


Go to your friend’s profile and uncheck the button if it reads “following.”.


Unchecking the “follow” button will change this to read “follow” which means you are no longer seeing this person in your news feed.

Other Concerns

  • Re-following: Some commenters have asked if re-following a friend will notify them. We tested this out, and it does not appear to be the case. Your friend will not be informed if you unfollow or re-follow them.
  • The friend you unfollowed will still see your posts in their news feed. They will not be informed that you no longer see their posts.
  • Your friend can still tag you or post on your wall.

Bottom Line

The way to hide a Facebook friend from your newsfeed without unfriending them is to use the “unfollow” feature which was introduced in early 2013.

  • Ralph Raposa

    I clicked the “Hide from News Feed” button to a friend of mine. But I want to unhide them. Problem is, I can’t find my friend’s account. I need help. Please. This is important.

  • waffles

    There shouldn’t be any notifications about following or unfollowing if you remain friends. The only time you get a follow notification is if you are not already connected.

  • waffles

    They should see it via your friend’s activity, the same way you can see your friends liking statuses by non-friends.

  • Sam

    If I unfollow my friend can she/he still see my posts on their newsfeed?

    • waffles

      Yes, they are still following you even if you unfollow them.

  • AirDeRien

    I have a related problem. There’s a friend whose posts I got a bit tired of, so I went in some months ago and chose to see “some updates” instead of “all”, or whatever the option is. It got to the other extreme now, where I see nothing of his, so I want to undo what I did, but now that Facebook has changed the options and taken away that pulldown, all I can do is “follow” my friend. Well, since you follow all friends by definition, I’m already following him, but it seems as though Facebook is still operating by my prior request and NOT showing me his stuff, even though there’s no way to undo that now. Or seemingly. Geez. I’m so over Facebook.

  • alphabettie

    You used to be able to edit the types of content you would receive from each of your friends. I cannot seem to find this feature anymore. There is a blank in the pull down menu where it used to be.
    I don’t necessarily want to unfollow some friends, but I would like to see less of their content. I have a relative who posts lots of annoying photos that I’d like to not see, but I’d still like to see their status updates. I used to be able to do that.
    Is there a new method to do this that anybody knows about?

  • bigred

    Good stuff. One question. How do I not show a friend acceptance to a specfic person but they see my post? – Thanks

  • Bee

    How can I reverse this after political rants are done with?

  • maria

    I have a question. If I unfollow some of my friends, can I see his posts on my wall?

    • waffles

      You friend can still tag you, and that would show up on your wall. Your friend’s posts will not show up on your news feed, however.

      • maria

        Thank you 🙂 But I just wanted to know will I be able to see if he wrote something on my wall (birthday wish)? Will I get notification for it or it is hidden too?

        • waffles

          Yes, you should be able to still see those types of posts on your wall. I have received similar notifications from people I have hidden, such as event invites, etc.

  • Christy

    Thank you so much for answering this for us!!!

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