How to Retrieve Your Old Photos in the New Myspace

When the "New Myspace" launched in 2013, some users logged for the first time in years in hopes of seeing their old Myspace data - only to find their beloved (or ignored) profile had been wiped clean, with the exception of a single profile picture. Though it hasn't yet been announced that you'll ever be able to see old Myspace messages you can at least get back your old photos and blog posts.

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Note: It has been announced that old blogs will be available for download beginning in September 2013. Please see Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download for more information.

To retreive your old Myspace photos, be sure that you are logged in to the new Myspace first. Then go to Here you’ll be given the option to import your old photos.



The link will take you to a page with the following text:

Moving classic Myspace photos to your new Myspace profile is simple and easy. Each photo album is brought over as a mix. Once they’ve transferred, only you will be able to see them so you can take time to go through your photos before sharing them with connections.

*You can only do this once. So make it count.

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By clicking on the “Transfer Photo Albums” button below, you agree that your transferred content will be governed by the new Myspace TOU and Privacy Policy. Please check them out before you click.

If you aren’t able to log into your old profile, perhaps because you can’t access your old email any longer, see this post about account recovery.

Where do I find my old Myspace photos after I’ve imported them?

Originally, photos only appeared in your mixes, but Myspace has since changed this. They now appear under Library>Photos.  appear in your Photostream. You can find this link right under your profile picture.

It should be noted that while you can retrieve your old photos, old comments on these photos are all gone.

How do I make my old Myspace photos public?

You have to click on the specific “mix” (aka “Album”) first before you can make it public. After you’ve clicked it, there will be a lock with a drop-down box which will allow you to make the album public.

Go into the "mix" you want to make public and choose the lock drop-down.

Go into the “mix” you want to make public and choose the lock drop-down.

Bottom Line

It still isn’t clear if the new Myspace will ever bring back old blog posts, messages, or other data, but the ability to retrieve your old Myspace pictures is perhaps of some consolation to those who thought they were lost.

What do you think of the new Myspace?

Also see: Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download

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  • jersey

    this sucks….

  • jersey

    they could have at least let you access albums of your photos… what a pia to go picture by picture!! I had just shy of a 1000 pictures.. wow…. even a download option of all pictures as a one time option would have been nice!! Myspace your over.

  • waffles

    You are correct that you must be logged in to retrieve them.

    Many people were surprised and upset to have their old profiles wiped clean. In cases such as yours, being unable to log in at all is only salt in the wound.

  • Lynda Sebert

    So, five years ago you had a car. you forgot where you parked your forgot the make and model of your car. you are now calling a carpark you once parked demanding your car. f–k you

  • waffles

    I’ve seen that same message a few times since re-launch.

  • waffles

    We agree that Reverbnation is also a great site.

    You’re also correct that once the stigma of “old” or “out of date” is attached to a website, it’s very difficult to overcome this. If you post on Facebook or Twitter about Myspace, the typical response is laughter and comments such as, “Does anyone even use Myspace anymore?” One of our Facebook commenters likened it to an Edsel.

  • waffles

    You should be able to upgrade and then transfer your files over. It seems that the process works for some people, but others are having issues with it.

  • Lindsay

    Did your photos ever transfer? Mine did the exact se thing yours did :/

  • Tasha

    I upgraded too but now that I’m trying to transfer photos, it says invalid email or password! Im already logged in so it makes no sense and I know the email and password is correct! Ugh I hate this! Someone please help. I just want my old photos then I will take them off of there and be done with this crap! I can’t believe how badly they ruined this!

  • Ashley

    That’s what mine did :/

  • Darryl

    Click photostream after importing your pictures

  • Beth

    I signed that White House petition. I am really hoping to get my photos back. They were all I had of my son as a baby.

  • Crystal Brophy

    I totally agree! I am so pissed that I trusted my photos to be safe, and yet one day find that they are all gone. I can’t even get the new MySpace to work. It just sits there not responding. I can’t even try to get my pics back because of this. I WANT my pics back.

  • J

    I’m sorry but you’re ignorant to trust a website to safeguard photos, and the only place to store them at that. Why did you not have them saved to your hard drive/usb drive?