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How to Retrieve Your Old Photos in the New Myspace

How to Retrieve Your Old Photos in the New Myspace

When the “New Myspace” launched in 2013, some users logged for the first time in years in hopes of seeing their old Myspace data – only to find their beloved (or ignored) profile had been wiped clean, with the exception of a single profile picture. Though it hasn’t yet been announced that you’ll ever be able to see old Myspace messages you can at least get back your old photos and blog posts.

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Note: It was announced that old blogs will be available for download beginning in September 2013. Please see Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download for more information.

To retreive your old Myspace photos, be sure that you are logged in to the new Myspace first. Then go to Here you’ll be given the option to import your old photos.


The link will take you to a page with the following text:

Moving classic Myspace photos to your new Myspace profile is simple and easy. Each photo album is brought over as a mix. Once they’ve transferred, only you will be able to see them so you can take time to go through your photos before sharing them with connections.

*You can only do this once. So make it count.

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By clicking on the “Transfer Photo Albums” button below, you agree that your transferred content will be governed by the new Myspace TOU and Privacy Policy. Please check them out before you click.

If you aren’t able to log into your old profile, perhaps because you can’t access your old email any longer, see this this post about account recovery.

Where do I find my old Myspace photos after I’ve imported them?

Originally, photos only appeared in your mixes, but Myspace has changed this several times. For a couple of years they appeared under Library>Photos in your Photostream. As of 2015, the photos are back under the “Mixes” section. You can find this link right on the left navigation bar.

It should be noted that while you can retrieve your old photos, old comments on these photos are all gone.

How do I make my old Myspace photos public?

You have to click on the specific “mix” (aka “Album”) first before you can make it public. After you’ve clicked it, there will be a lock with a drop-down box which will allow you to make the album public.

Go into the "mix" you want to make public and choose the lock drop-down.

Go into the “mix” you want to make public and choose the lock drop-down.

Bottom Line

Myspace has attempted to resurrect itself as a music-based social network in recent years. You can still find your old photos (and now blogs) on there, but they must be imported and will appear under the “mixes” section. Comments on old photos have been deleted.

What do you think of the new Myspace?

Also see: Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download

  • Laci Avalyn

    Myspace is so full of it with their “easy” directions. They deleted 1000’s of my pics for no reason whatsoever. I know I did not do it and it claims my photos were already transferred even though nothing is there. Horrible disapointment.

  • John Baker

    So who’s clueless enough to delete a photo from their hard drive after they upload it?

  • Well, Myspace is a music site, so you could certainly find music on there. As far as indie and unsigned bands, it doesn’t look like those transferred to the new site.

  • Willful

    I want all my content> MySpace should be ashamed. I hope the new Myspace music site is a big flop. This is a rotten way to treat your user base.

  • Jessica

    It doesn’t work for everyone apparently. I tried the instructions above and got a message that “if you see transfer photos, you can get them. if you don’t see this option, we deleted them before we transferred to new myspace”. so obviously they only deleted some peoples memories but not everyones. i’m livid.

  • Justine

    I went to transfer photos from my old account and it says that it’s already linked to the new one. When I look under the library they are not there! WTF!

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Same exact thing happened to me. Too bad I could only do this once.

  • linda craig

    We liked the old pictures and watching the old videos!!

  • Sammanthaa87

    I copied and pasted the website you have listed and I clicked on the blue button to transfer photos and it turned to unclickable faded button that says “Your Photos Are Transferring” but nothing is happening? I opened a new window tab and looked under the photos tab under the library selection but the only picture that shows up is my profile photo. Does it normally take this long for photos to transfer and do I need to leave the tab open with the computer active in order for it to complete this process? I had hundreds of photos that I cannot retrieve any other way and they were pictures of my daughter when she was born, her first birthday, me and my fiance when we were highschool sweethearts, etc. Needless to say I am extremely aggrivated that Myspace was able to delete these pictures in the first place, but I need this to work due to the importance of the nature of the pictures!! PLEASE HELP!

  • Dana

    I went to try and transfer pics from old myspace and it was saying they were being transfered already. I hadnt even begun to do didnt click on it to begin so how am i going to get my pictures back.

  • waffles

    It’s possible they have changed this feature slightly since we posted this article. We will try to find out if anything has changed. Please inform us of any updates.

  • Jenna

    I’ve done everything possible to retrieve my old photos and they still haven’t appeared.

  • waffles

    Myspace has said that old data is still on their servers, so you should be able to get them back. Their process, however, has proven buggy to some users.

  • Yewsten

    Why did you delete the original when you uploaded it to Myspace?

  • Samantha

    How do you delete old myspace photos that got transferred?

    • waffles

      When viewing your photos, mouse over the circle at the upper right and select “delete.”

  • Bb

    I tried to log in but it says that it doesn’t recognize that email ???

  • Carla

    I tried this and it says that my photos have already been transferred. Yet when I go to look at them, none of my photos are there. Is there another way to retrieve them?

    • waffles

      That is the only way that we have seen. There may be a delay for some people. Some have also suggested logging out and logging back in.

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