Scam Alert: 849 Area Code Calls from the Dominican Republic

Have you received a call from the 849 area code and you're not sure who it is? Today we'll try to shed some light on this specific type of caller, which is someone you should definitely avoid.

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849 is the Dominican Republic.  

Because of the location of the number, unless you have some connection to this country, you should avoid talking to these people. In some cases they are telemarketers, but most often they are con artists.

There are a couple of different scams that may involve calls from the 849 area code.

Confidence Scam

We were alerted by a user to the number 849-963-4857, which had been calling them repeatedly in early 2013. The sales pitch of this particular number discussed seniors, medicare, and diabetes. What the goal of these callers appears to be is to gain your social security number, and thus your identity. They may tell you that you are eligible to receive free diabetes supplies through medicare, and will ask for your social security number to file a claim for your “free” equipment. It’s a complete scam with the sole purpose of stealing your identity.

Do not talk to these people, and if you answer, do not give them any personal information.

Further Considerations

  • Pressing 2 to be removed from their list will actually send you to a live operator who may not be very cooperative.
  • Because these are foreign callers, they will not respect the U.S. Do Not Call Registry.
  • There are many 849 currently hounding U.S. consumers (see list below).
  • You are better off ignoring these calls.
  • Avoid calling the number back because it is an international call.

List of known 849 Numbers

Below is a list of 849 numbers reported by our readers that have being used in the scam above. If you’ve been called by an 849 number not on this list, drop us a comment and we’ll add it!

  • 8492971973
  • 8496192983
  • 8496934854
  • 8498152766
  • 8498169887
  • 8498758361
  • 8498758368
  • 8499355808
  • 8499633221
  • 8499634057
  • 8499634584
  • 8499635851
  • 8499634835
  • 8499634852
  • 8499634853
  • 8499634854
  • 8499634855
  • 8499634857
  • 8499634858
  • 8499634859
  • 8499634860
  • 8499634861
  • 8499634862
  • 8499634873
  • 8499634897
  • 8499634957
  • 8499635857
  • 8499684853


One-Ring Scam

In 2014, a new scam which includes the 849 area code was announced by the BBB and FTC. The one-ring scam involves a phone call from the 849 area code (and others) which rings once and then hangs up. Those consumers who call back out of curiosity are hit with a $19.95 charge and hefty per-minute fees. See our full write-up about the one ring scam.

Your Turn
If you’ve been called by an 849, we’d like to hear from you. Let us know what they said and what number called.

Updated February 12, 2014

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74 Comments on Scam Alert: 849 Area Code Calls from the Dominican Republic

  1. The best part of continuing to receive these calls is that they still haven’t stolen your personal information yet!! Be happy!


  3. Calls started last week. They are daily, several times a day. This morning the first one came in around 4 am then at 7 am then 11 am. I do not answer any of the calls. No voice mails are left by the caller.

    These people have found a way to disguise their number by adding one digit to their number which appears on my caller ID as: 84979895280.

  4. Concerned Citizen // July 11, 2013 at 5:25 am // Reply

    Got a call just now from 849-258-2449. Can hear someone speaking in Spanish but the call kept breaking up so I finally hung up.

  5. We got a call from 849-026-48763. Yes it had this many numbers!!
    They were just saying hello and speaking Spanish!! The person who got the number
    Is a diabetic, so they must access to medical information!!!

  6. hi! i receive a call from this number. +84974483868. i answered and they drop it. maybe they got my number in a job hunting site.

  7. 8498514643

    Didn’t answer but its 1:45am.

  8. +8498620523 keeps calling. I haven’t answered and will continue to not do so. Its really annoying as they call every couple of hours and let the phone ring only once or twice. I am in Canada so its not just the US getting these calls anymore.

  9. I’ve had 5 calls in the last hour, all different numbers but none of them real US area codes, as I looked each up. I answered the last one, (849) 489-2696, so I could tell them to stop, but the line started ringing like I was making a call out. So I hung up. The other numbers were (426) 322-2526, (988) 465-2877, (955) 975-5418, and one was flat out “unavailable.”

  10. I received 2 calls at 3 in the morning from +84935785661 and +84935678392… i didn’t realize that both numbers have too many digits in them until I went back and looked at my history.

  11. received call from 849 883 8088. actually I was told to call that number it was supposed to be the american embassy official’s number a very clever scam but in the end it didn;’t work am I happy.. moneygram would not take my application to send the money.

  12. I receive calls from Out of Area, but I know these people are calling from the 849 area code, so I bought a phone with a call blocker, now that they can’t get through to a person, I get calls every morning from 9 a.m to 10:00 a.m. When they call my number, the phone rings one time, and than they hear a busy signal, they rang my phone 33 times one day. I will continue to ignore these calls, until our government do something about this. My husband, and I are both retired, and this is what we have to look forward to every morning, something needs to be done about this.

  13. My husband and I both received “HOLA” text from 849-878-0669.

  14. 829631529557404713551367655177

    Have blocked it seven times but it keeps getting through. I’m a 26 year old healthy person why are they calling me?

  15. getting calls from Unknown caller, 849 203 1467. Five calls within an hour, they do not leave a message and I answered it once they do not speak, Once my husband called the number back It sounded like an old lady. Something must be done about this.

  16. Received a text from 849-576-6239 saying i won a trip to the Bahamas and to call back 855-782-0902 within 2 hours, obviously not calling. It was sent from a computer text service ([email protected])

  17. Not gonna get scammed... // February 21, 2014 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    Received four calls in a row (in less than five minutes) from (849) 815-6569. Scam!!!

  18. I saw an ad for a horse trailer in two online sites. The picture of the trailer is beautiful, the price is very low, and the trailer is said to be located in Dallas, TX. The number to call for more info is 849-384-9302. Obviously, another version of the scam.

  19. Got a call from 8498165087. I heard background noise and a barely audible caller. I told them to stop calling and they hung up. They called again an hour later. They’ve been blocked.

  20. I received a text message with the link to tango and saying to call. When I called a woman answered but did not say anything else. the number is 849-201-0157.

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