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Why You Should Avoid Callers From the 849 Area Code

Why You Should Avoid Callers From the 849 Area Code

Have you received a call from the 849 area code and you’re not sure who it is? Today we’ll try to shed some light on this specific type of caller, which is someone you should avoid.

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849 is the Dominican Republic.  

Unless you have some connection to the Dominican Republic, you should avoid talking to anyone who calls from numbers beginning with 849. In some cases they are telemarketers, but most often they are con artists.

There are a couple of different scams that may involve calls from the 849 area code. 849 is technically a country code, although it looks like a US-formatted area code.

Other area codes which have also been associated with this type of scam include 809, 284, 649, and 876.

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Confidence Scam

We were alerted by a reader to the 849 area code in early 2013. The sales pitch of this particular number discussed seniors, medicare, and diabetes. These callers are apparently attempting to learn your social security number, and thus your identity. They may say that you’re eligible to receive free diabetes supplies through medicare, and will ask for your social security number to file a claim for your “free” equipment. It’s a complete scam with the sole purpose of stealing your identity.

Do not talk to these people, and if you answer, do not give them any personal information.

Further Considerations

  • Pressing 2 to be removed from their list will actually send you to a live operator who may not be very cooperative.
  • Because these are foreign callers, they will not respect the U.S. Do Not Call Registry.
  • There are many 849 currently hounding U.S. consumers
  • You are better off ignoring these calls.
  • Avoid calling the number back because it is an international call and could be a one-ring scam (see below).

One-Ring Scam

In 2014, a scam which included the 849 area code was announced by the BBB and FTC. The one-ring scam involves a phone call from the 849 area code (and others) which rings once and then hangs up. Those consumers who call back out of curiosity are hit with a charge such as $19.95 along with hefty per-minute fees. See our full write-up about the one ring scam.

Your Turn
If you’ve been called by an 849 phone number, we’d like to hear from you. Let us know what they said and when they called.

Updated July 25, 2015
Originally published January 2013

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  • Denise Lytle

    They called me 3 times: 11:31pm, 11:33pm, & 2:28am the next morning! I never answered, nor did they leave a voicemail. (829) 560-3743 was the number.

  • Vanessa Montero

    I got a call from this 849-866-8745 asking did I apply for a payday loan. When I saw Dominican Republic I knew it must be some type of scam, this scary knowing there are terrorist groups out there, I wonder how they are able fund and supply their organization s hello people let’s not be so eager for money that we help the enemy prosper against us America.

  • Paulette

    I receive calls from Out of Area, but I know these people are calling from the 849 area code, so I bought a phone with a call blocker, now that they can’t get through to a person, I get calls every morning from 9 a.m to 10:00 a.m. When they call my number, the phone rings one time, and than they hear a busy signal, they rang my phone 33 times one day. I will continue to ignore these calls, until our government do something about this. My husband, and I are both retired, and this is what we have to look forward to every morning, something needs to be done about this.

  • Carol

    Calls started last week. They are daily, several times a day. This morning the first one came in around 4 am then at 7 am then 11 am. I do not answer any of the calls. No voice mails are left by the caller.

    These people have found a way to disguise their number by adding one digit to their number which appears on my caller ID as: 84979895280.

  • Richard

    The best part of continuing to receive these calls is that they still haven’t stolen your personal information yet!! Be happy!

  • Marion

    Received 2 calls today from the 849 area code – didn’t answer either one of them. I deleted the first call before deciding to Google it – here is the second number that called 1-849-299-1915 and the call display shows V04180332070023. FYI – I am located in Canada so they are probably calling numbers all over the world.

  • WC

    This week (04/08-12) received 2 calls, one from Albania (855) and one from Santa Domingo (849). Just wonder how they got my number.

  • Jellybean

    I just started getting calls, but my phone carrier can block any caller that does not have a clear name. So when I pick up phone it disconnects them.

  • FS

    I did have to laugh at your remark under Further Considerations. listing “these are foreign callers, they do not respect the U.S Do Not Call Registery”, are you kidding? When has that stopped any calls, foreign or otherwise?

    When I saw the Dom Republ Call on ID I didn’t answer. They left no message and I just blocked all calls from that area code. I’ve been told that each time caller ID is activated, these callers get a fee. Tenths of a penny but thousands of calls a day add up. We need to change these rules somehow, hoping someone out there knows more about this.

    • waffles

      Ok you got a chuckle out of us here, too. There definitely is lack of respect of the Do Not Call Registry even from domestic callers.

  • b

    They have called my mother’s house 5 times today alone!!

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