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What Happens When You Comment “Red” on This Photo?

What Happens When You Comment “Red” on This Photo?

A photo being shared online shows a reverse-color image of a woman in a bikini. Users are encouraged to type “Red” in the comments to see what changes. So, what changes?

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Nothing will happen. It’s a hoax.

The photo is often accompanied by a caption that reads:

Hey Guys

Try This, Type Red Its Magic!

As we have stated for similar photos like this, what we have here is a common ploy for page admins to gain likes for their photos and traffic to their page. In some cases it is just a prank. Either way, commenting ‘Red’ on a Facebook image will not make anything happen. Nor will sharing one.

Although the proliferation of these “tricky” images seems to have peaked back in 2012 and 2013, we are still seeing interest in some of these as of April 2015.

Bottom Line

Graphics such as these are merely designed to gain likes for the page from which it originated. If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at the list of similar fake images we have discussed over the years.

Here are a few other of these tricky images we’ve encountered in years past:

Updated April 19, 2015
Originally published March 2013

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