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Scam Alert: Junk Faxes Offering Cheap Vacations

Scam Alert: Junk Faxes Offering Cheap Vacations

Have you received a fax that promises you an inexpensive cruise offered to “all employees” which will save you $3000 per couple? The fax is a scam, as is the company who sent it.

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Let’s take a look at the text in the fax itself (see bottom for a scan of the actual fax):


To: All Employees
From: H.R. Dept
Re: Airline Land Package

For a limited time only we are offering to all employees’ access to our company vacation, packages at the wholesale rate (you save $3000 per couple).

Please review the vacation details

Cancun, Cabo, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Vallarta or Mayan Riviera

  • Duration: 6 days & 5 nights w/all meals included for only $175pp
  • Dates: You choose your dates. Packages are open dated and valid for 1 full YEAR

Included in package:

Five Star Resort Guaranteed
1 Year To Use

  • Corporate Meal Plan – All meals and drinks, Including 5 Star Dinning and Premium Alcohol
  • Children stay and eat for free
  • Unlimited activities Like Snorkeling, Kayaking, Wind Surfing all non-motorized water sports 

Free bonus 4 days 3 nights Orlando or Las Vegas

First 100 callers receive up to 60% of Airfaire.

Booking and Reservations at (877) 634-9804

Reservation Code UNITED747

For fax number removal, please call 1-888-393-1379

It should be noted that the person who gave this fax to me is retired, so there would be no “H.R. Dept” contacting her. It should also be noted that there is a United Airlines logo at the top of the fax, which is undoubtedly not the sender of this fax.

This type of scam has been going for years, and there are several variants. They always start by dangling a tantalizing cheap vacation in front of you. Then they’ll either take your money and run, or start tossing in unexpected fees after you’ve taken the bait. If you call them, you’ll be connected with a low-end salesman who will record the conversation and insist that  there are no refunds. If you happen to agree to their terms, they can fight any attempted charge-backs with a recording of said agreement. I have spoken with people first-hand who have lost hundreds of dollars to this place as part of this scam. In their case, they were given a calendar of dates – all of which were unavailable. The only way they could get their cruise was to upgrade for a substantial amount. This was after they handed over payment to the scammers. I’ve run across several people who have fallen for this scam – and none of them ended up going on a vacation, while all of them lost money.

The scammers change their website and phone numbers often, so it’s possible if you’re reading this you may have a variant of what is reported here. Rest assured that if it’s at all similar, then it is most likely the same scammers looking to rip you off.

Also be aware that you will be responsible for airfare, despite their claim that the “first 100 callers” will receive “up to” 60% off.

Their website is and their main phone number listed there is 877-634-9812, along with the 877-634-9804 number listed on the fax. They also list an email contact at [email protected]

If you receive a junk fax from this or any other company, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here.

Please leave us a comment if you’ve received a similar fax, or if you’ve recently dealt with companies such as this.

Below is a scan of the actual fax, received on July 10, 2012.

For more information, visit

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  • goldie

    The rule of the thumb – if it’s too good to be true – Then don’t believe anything it says!

  • happinessisawarm…..

    Hey A$$hats – if you are a legit company – why do you have to send fake faxes saying you are from the “HR Department”????

  • happinessisawarm…..

    These douche-bags are still sending them. They have reduced the price – 6 days/5 night in Cancun for $99.00 (they say a savings of $3000)

  • carita

    I paid these people 1100. For a vacation that my husband and I won’t ever see. Now that I call to make reservations for our 20th anniversary they hang up on me or I get no one they claim to be which I called book it and they have nothing to do with this company I can’t get my money back or anything this sucks for me because come September my anniversary will be a boring day in the house as usual seeing that I’m not rich. I wish I would have seen this sooner. Thanks

    • waffles

      We’re sorry to hear of this terrible scam. If anything new transpires, please update us.

  • frimi_captain

    They’re still going strong. I thought it smelled fishy when he said I’d receive travel documents in mail 14 days after my “check cleared” and then I could book with another phone call to a “booking agent” who will then charge another $69.00 to book the flight and secure a Hotel, when I decided it was too complicated, he told me I was an idiot.

    Oh well, this idiot still has his money.

    The company name quoted over the phone was ATR corporate travel

  • Jess

    I just purchased this 6 days 5 nights to cabo- all inclusive! I tried getting my money back but they declined nd my credit card wont help any further… Wat can i do? Pls help! I tried calling company back and i was cursed at and hung up on several times!

    • waffles

      Try contacting your bank and disputing the charge.

  • shakora

    I was scammed by this company how do I get my money back!? Someone please help!

  • waffles

    When this article was written, the phone number, fax, and website were all linked to the same company that sent the fax. If you have additional information on your company that doesn’t link you to the faxes, we will post that information.

    • happinessisawarm…..

      Did you notice that you got no reply???

      Quite telling isn’t it.

  • Todd Curry

    We recently called and purchased one of these packages. Of course we are calling to try to schedule and they are unavailable. We have spoken to one person in the booking and reservations department who told us we were trying to book our trip in peak times and the cost would be several hundred dollars per person more. We have been scammed. Can anyone help with trying to recoup any of our money.

  • diane a

    I have received the same fax 7/20/12 and when I called, they said they were sold out, but to hold on…suddenly he found that there is only one left and I had to act right away. When I said i had to think about it, the gentleman hung up on me….

  • waffles

    Thank you for your excellent addition to this article, and for your insight. The link you provided is quite useful. Best of luck to you!

    • Tom

      Thank you so very much.. if I can be of any help please let me know

  • Sandy

    I received the exact same fax on July 11th.. thanks for the heads up. Greatly appreciated!

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