• Who Called Me?
    7408341496 Phone Number Nagging You?

    Does the number 740-834-1496 keep calling you? This is a apparently a legitimate business “nag” line. See below to see who it is:

  • Current Events
    Questions About Jack LaLanne’s Death

    Now that the absolute shock of Jack LaLanne’s death is fading a bit, I can’t help but going over some nagging questions surrounding his death. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I idolized Jack LaLanne. But still, a few things about the whole situation continue to bother me.

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    Jack LaLanne: Losing My Superman

    I just heard that “fitness guru” Jack LaLanne passed away today, apparently from respiratory failure due to pneumonia. I never had the privilege to meet the great Jack LaLanne, but he completely changed my life. That man probably crossed my mind every day for nearly a decade as I discovered the world of fitness....

  • Current Events
    Population Predictions For Our Time From 1859-1954

    Below is a small collection of population predictions for our time (and beyond), published in past publictions. The earliest dating from 1859, looking all the way out to 1990. Some were surprisingly accurate, while others were far off the mark.

  • Current Events
    1938 Prediction: Population to decrease after 1980

    A 1938 article in the Evening Post attempted to predict the United States population 42 years in the future. Surprisingly, the writer predicted that the population would actually start to decrease after 1980.

  • Current Events
    Where are Alfred V. Lincoln’s Trees?

    According to an article in the Meriden Daily Journal dated 9/24/1921, Massachusetts resident Alfred V. Lincoln set aside $7500 of his estate at compound interest for 90 years, to be withdrawn in the year 2011 in order to plant trees in his hometown. The 1921 article estimated that his $7500 could grow...

  • Current Events
    1974: Natural Gas Almost Out by 2010?

    Prediction: World’s natural gas down to last 10% by 2010 Date: 1974 Score: Wrong Amid the 1970’s oil crisis, there was a lot of talk about the long-term supply of petroleum and of natural gas. In an article dated 10/14/1974 in the Ludington Daily News, writer H.J. Heller quotes William R. Gould,...

  • Current Events
    1957 Prediction: Atomic Luxury Spaceships by 2007

    In a 1957 article, predictions were made for what life might be like 50 years later, in the year 2007. Here’s what they had to say: