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Fake Story: Militia Members were Not Arrested at Bundy Ranch

Fake Story: Militia Members were Not Arrested at Bundy Ranch

A report today claims that 16 protesters were arrested at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Is this report true or false?

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The story is fiction.

It originated from the fake news website National Report, which posts outlandish stories in the name of satire. In the fake story, we read:

The standoff in Nevada reached new heights this afternoon as armed federal agents began arresting militia members gathered to protest in support of Cliven Bundy.

About National Report

National Report publishes outlandish works of fiction in the name of satire. Readers often share the outrageous article without the realization that National Report does not publish true news.

The site has posted a disclaimer in the past, but that disclaimer has moved and been taken down on several occasions. The articles on National Report typically have a realistic tone to them, but often include at least a few lines that hint at its satirical nature.

Bundy Ranch

Cliven Bundy’s son Dave was arrested in the early days of the standoff, but no arrests have been made since. Tensions cooled over the weekend, but Nevada Senator Harry Reid was quoted as saying, “Well it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and just walk away from it, so it’s not over.”

Bottom Line

Arrests were not made at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. This report comes from a fake news website which publishes outlandish stories.

Source: Multiple Militia Members Arrested at Bundy Ranch, Charged with Domestic Terrorism (National Report)

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