• That’s Not an Ancient Cell Phone

    The photo of a gloved hand holding what appears to be an ancient (or alien) cell phone has been heavy shared on social media since late 2015. It’s also not real.

  • Miscaption: Dog Bloodied For Chewing Slippers

    A photo of a bloody dog has been circulating on Facebook with a caption that the animal was beaten with a hammer after chewing “mommy’s slippers.”

  • Fake This Week: 1970 iPhone Prank, Scalia Quote, HIV Bananas

    A roundup of the most popular fake stories online this week. And hopefully you are able to read this from an iPhone that wasn’t set to 1970.

  • Debunked: HIV Oranges and Bananas

    A photo circulating online allegedly shows oranges from Libya which were said to be injected with HIV-positive blood. Another image set shows bananas which supposedly shows “blood spots” in them.

  • Don’t Set Your iPhone to 1970

    A meme suggests that you can get a special theme on your iPhone by setting the date to 1970. It’s a trick that could ruin your device.

  • Rare Insect” The “Tree Lobster”

    Today we look at claims that the “Tree Lobster” is one of the rarest insects in the world, believed to be extinct since 1930 until its recent rediscovery.

  • Are Baby Carrots Dangerous to Eat?

    An online graphic and associated narrative promotes the dangers of eating baby carrots. Is this true or fake? Today we take a closer look at this rumor.

  • Classic Viral Video: “Weird Cloud”

    A video allegedly shows a “weird cloud” which fell from the sky. Today we’ll take a closer look at this classic viral video.