Clear TV Antenna Reviews: Does it Really Work? (Jan. 2016 Update)

Clear TV Antenna Reviews: Does it Really Work? (Jan. 2016 Update)

Clear TV is an HDTV digital antenna, advertised as a way to receive broadcast television channels for free. We were one of the first to review the product back in 2013, and we offer updated observations for 2016.

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About Clear TV

Clear TV is a standard television antenna with a sleek design which allows you to watch HDTV over-the-air broadcast channels in your area. The advertising vaguely implies that you may be able to replace your cable television with this product, which many consumers have found to be inaccurate.

Although has been registered since 1997, a perusal of the Internet Archive reveals that this particular domain didn’t sell this product until 2013. was used in advertising in mid-2013. That domain was registered in August 2012, and now forwards to the primary domain.

Clear TV is marketed by Tristar Products, Inc., which also markets such products as Genie Bra, Aqua Rug, Bandaloom, Power Juicer, and many others.

In 2014, Clear TV began advertising heavily on Spanish-language television as “Clear TV Antena Digital.” The website is advertised on channels such as Univision. That website was registered in December 2012.

A second Clear TV branded product called Free TV Key was marketed beginning in 2015. It has been marketed under the name “Free TV Key” and “Clear TV Key.”

How much does Clear TV cost?

If you purchase Clear TV from the official website, it costs $19.95 plus $7.99 processing & handling for a total of $27.94. You can add a second “free” antenna to the offers above, which will add another $7.99 processing and handling. Delivery takes 3 to 4 weeks and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, minus processing and handling.

In Stores

Clear TV is readily available in stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section. The photo below shows the product for sale at an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas. It was available for $17.99 in April 2014. Other stores such as Walmart and Kmart offer Clear TV for sale. We have seen the in-store price as low as $14.99.


Clear TV is now available in stores.

Website History

The website and advertising have changed for the product over the past three years, although the price and online offer have not. Below is a screenshot of the original Clear TV website, taken in June 2013. It featured the same spokesman that could be seen in the original Clear TV commercial.

Clear TV

Early 2014 Advertising

In early 2014, Clear TV began advertising with celebrity spokesman John Amos. The claims made in earlier advertising remained intact, with slightly different wording:

All you have to do is plug in Clear TV and scan to instantly receive the top-rated network shows, local news, weather, sporting events, and more all for free. Clear TV’s technology lets you bypass cable and satellite and enjoy crystal clear local and national network programming.

Below is Clear TV website in March 2014, with celebrity spokesman John Amos prominently featured.


Below is the 2014 television commercial for Clear TV, uploaded to YouTube in March of that year.

Mid-2014 Minus-Amos

John Amos disappeared from the Clear TV website sometime in mid-2014, and it is unclear why he was no longer featured as the celebrity spokesman. By late 2014, the website did not feature Amos or the original unknown spokesman, as seen in the screenshot below. This is how the website appeared as of February 2015.

clear tv website nov 2014, as seen in February 2015.

Finally, below we can see the Clear TV website as it appears as of this most recent update, January 2016.

Clear TV 2016

Clear TV website in January 2016

Our Clear TV Review

In mid-2013, we tried out a Clear TV antenna – which was a new product at the time – alongside a standard set of rabbit ears. We found that the Clear TV antenna does work in receiving broadcast signals, but there isn’t anything particularly special about it when compared to standard – and less expensive – antennas. It functions the same as any standard television antenna, and we found it to be no better than a 20-year old set of rabbit ears we used for comparison.

Our test of Clear TV was performed in the greater Las Vegas Valley, and there are a wealth of broadcast channels in this area. In our tests, the picture looked crisp – perhaps better than the local (Cox) cable signal, which is compressed – and the audio was also clear. The 20-year old rabbit ears we tested also looked and sounded just as crisp as the Clear TV antenna.

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Most old antennas will still work with HD broadcast channels, and newer TV’s are already equipped to receive digital channels. If you have an old TV, however, you may need an analog-to-digital converter box.

If you’re within about 25 miles from broadcast antennas, the difference in quality between various television antennas will be negligible. It is only when you are at great distances from the broadcast towers that the type of antenna and placement will become important for quality of signal. Placement of the antenna can also affect the quality of the reception, with an exterior wall or window providing optimal performance.

AntennaWeb offers a useful calculator which will show you the types of antennas you may need in your area. See their color coded antenna types to determine which is right for you.

Clear TV also offers an amplifier, which we did not test out, and we have not seen in stores. It is said to increase weak or intermittent signals. The size of the Clear TV antenna is 7.75″ by 7.75″ and it can be mounted using enclosed suction cups, or stood on a base near the television.

One distinct advantage of Clear TV over regular rabbit ears is that of appearance. Clear TV has a more sleek and modern look.

In 2015, a second product under the Clear TV brand was released. It has been called both “Free TV Key” and “Clear TV Key” and is also a standard television antenna. The primary difference between this product and the original Clear TV is that it plugs directly into the back of a television without the use of wires. While this allows the antenna to be hidden from view, it raises a couple of potential problems such as wall clearance and antenna placement. See a full review of Free TV Key here.

What channels can I get with Clear TV?

Because Clear TV is just an antenna, you can only pick up those channels which are being broadcast in your area.

This claim on the Clear TV website is misleading.

The wording of this claim on the Clear TV website has changed several times since 2013.

Clear TV’s website, however, originally claimed: “Receive ‘hundreds’ of crystal clear digital and HD shows for FREE.” Note that they put quotation marks around the word “hundreds.” The use of the word “hundreds” was changed by late 2014. The website then read, “…with the opportunity to receive hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows.”

The wording was eventually changed to read, “Clear TV is easy to set up, and provide viewers with the opportunity to receive hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows.”

Check the AntennaWeb link above for available channels in your area.

Clear TV Television commercial

Below is the 2013 version of the Clear TV television commercial.

Clear TV ad

This ad for Clear TV ran in heavy rotation on Facebook for months.

Are you tired of paying cable and satellite companies just to watch your favorite broadcast network shows? Why spend hundreds of dollars per year for cable and satellite only channels when you can watch broadcast television for free with the Clear TV HD digital antenna. All you have to do is plug in Clear TV and let your television instantly receive top-rated network shows, local news and weather, sporting events and more all for free. That’s right, free digital TV. Thanks to a federal government mandate, all broadcasters are required to transmit a digital TV signal through the airwaves. Clear TV lets you bypass cable and satellite to bring network shows directly to your television so you can enjoy crystal-clear local and national free HDTV. Clear TV is amazing. If we’re just off the coast here in the Gulf of Mexico receiving free network broadcast HDTV, imagine all the free HDTV shows you’ll receive at home. Basic cable and satellite services can cost you up to $80 a month. That’s $960 a year and almost $10,000 over a 10-year period.  Why pay that much money for extra channels you may never even watch? But with Clear TV there’s no contract, no monthly fees, and no unexpected rate increases. Just free HDTV that can look as good or better than cable and satellite. Not available in stores. Order now.

Other Clear TV Reviews

  • On Amazon, Clear TV notches a 2.9-star rating.
  • Our editor summarizes Clear TV on his personal blog: “The only reason I’d pick Clear TV over a pair of rabbit ears is because it does look better.”
  • Ad Fibs notes that the Clear TV “commercial may lead some viewers to believe that only by using this particular antenna, they can get free TV when in reality, any simple UHF or ‘Digital’ antenna from the Radio Shack will work just as well.”
  • Ripoff Report has some complaints about the shipping and return process.
  • This site warns, “Should you decide to purchase Clear TV, please be aware of what you are purchasing, and don’t cancel your cable TV account just yet.”


The Google Trends chart below shows interest in the Clear TV antenna peaking around December 2013, with a recent up-tick in December 2014 and a downward turn in early 2015.

Video Review

Below is a short video summary of the information contained in this review.

Bottom Line

Clear TV is a standard television antenna which we did not find to be unique over a standard set of rabbit ears, except maybe in its appearance. Our evaluation showed that it works about as well as what you’d expect from an ordinary television antenna. If you’re in a hilly area or far away from broadcast antennas, Clear TV (or any TV antenna) may not be for you. A trip to your local Radio Shack may yield several options that are considerably less expensive and won’t require shipping charges or a month-long wait.

If you are intent on buying Clear TV, you should be able to find it locally for under $20.

Please see our article entitled The “HDTV Antenna” Myth for more info.

Your Clear TV Reviews

Have you used the Clear TV antenna? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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Updated January 5, 2016
Originally published June 2013

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