Magic Mesh Reviews 2016: Magnetic Screen

Magic Mesh Reviews 2016: Magnetic Screen

Magic Mesh is a screen door cover designed to “keep fresh air in and bugs out.” Read our Magic Mesh reviews from editors and readers.

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About Magic Mesh

Originally the official website was, which was registered on Feb. 28, 2011. The product was heavily advertised beginning around July 2011 and continues to be promoted during warmer moths. is, as of 2016, the official product website.

How much does Magic Mesh cost?

If you purchase from the official website, Magic Mesh costs $19.99 plus $4.99 P&H per screen – and you are obligated to buy two screens. This brings your total to $29.97.

Because Magic Mesh has been around for years, you can easily find it in stores for about $20.

A “Deluxe” version has been added to the website which supposedly includes “30% stronger magnets and one piece construction” although we have not seen this version. That costs $5 more per screen.

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Our Magic Mesh Review

We purchased a Magic Mesh from an “As Seen on TV” store in early April 2013. Below are some observations:

  • Cheaply made. After only a few uses, it already started to show signs of wear. It fell apart after about 5 uses, with two magnets falling off and the fabric at the bottom began to fray.
  • Velcro. We had a difficult time with the Velcro not staying in place. It seemed that the fabric was simply too heavy for the Velcro to handle. Walking through the Magic Mesh resulted in the panel completely falling off on several occasions. We resorted to duct tape to try to hold it in place.
  • Magnets. The magnets seemed to be one of the biggest design flaws. In our case, magnets began falling off after a few days. Even when they did work, they still didn’t seem strong enough to keep closed against a moderate breeze. This is probably why the makers have created a Deluxe version, which addresses this issue.
  • Gap. When the magnets close, there is still a gap through which flies and mosquitoes could enter. If you have a large population of these insects, the Magic Mesh may not keep them out to your satisfaction.

There are, however, those consumers who have been perfectly happy with the product. We recommend buying locally so that if your experience is similar to ours, the return process will be easier, and you won’t be out non-refundable shipping.

There are high quality alternatives, such as the well-received MegaMesh Magnetic Screen Door which has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon among over 1,300 customer reviews.

If you are set on getting Magic Mesh, you may want to opt for the Deluxe model in hopes that the magnets are in fact stronger.

TV Commercial

Here is an older television commercial for Magic Mesh.

Transcript of a television commercial for Magic Mesh:

When it’s warm you’d love to open every door and let fresh air into your home. The trouble is you’d end up letting lots of bugs in your home as well. Now there’s Magic Mesh, the new type of screen door that opens easily and then magically closes itself behind you. So if your hands are full or you have a forgetful family member you can still let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out. The secret isn’t really magic, it’s magnets. 18 magnets to be exact. When you separate them, they automatically snap back together so bugs have little chance to enter. Magic Mesh is perfect for single doors, a must-have for homes with sliding doors, and is even great for campers and RV’s, because even when your hands are full Magic Mesh will snap closed behind you. That makes it great for pets too, because instead of scratching and whining they can come and go as they please. And it puts and end to slamming doors because it closes gently every time. Plus it’s so easy to install. No nails, no screws, no tools. Goes up in seconds and stays up all season long, no matter how often you, your kids, or your dog go through. So let the fresh air in and keep those annoying bugs out with Magic Mesh, a $40 value yours for just $19.95. Best of all, Magic Mesh saves you money because when it’s nice, leave those doors open. You won’t have to use air conditioning. And when the weather turns chilly, just take it down and store it away for next year. But wait. Call right now and we’ll double the offer. Just pay separate processing and handling. Use one for your sliding door and one for your back door. One for your home and the other for your RV. That’s right, you get two Magic Mesh curtains for just $19.95. That’s less than $10 each. Don’t delay. Call and order yours today.

Magic Mesh website

Here is a screen shot of the official Magic Mesh website as seen in May 2013.

Bottom Line

Magic Mesh is a great idea, poorly executed. Between weak Velcro, fraying materials, and detaching magnets, we consider this product a disappointment, which is unfortunate because it’s a great idea. In the years since Magic Mesh first appeared, a number of higher-quality competitors have arrived on the scene with quite popular versions of their own.

Your Magic Mesh Reviews

Have you used Magic Mesh? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Revised June 3, 2016
Originally published May 2013

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