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Fake Disney Giveaways on Facebook

Fake Disney Giveaways on Facebook

Today we’re taking a look at fake Disney giveaways on Facebook.

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Fake Giveaways

Fake giveaways on Facebook are absolutely rampant. We’ve seen numerous fake Apple and Samsung “giveaways” come and go, along with Playstation, Beats by Dre, and countless others. Today we’re discussing fake Disney giveaways on Facebook. We’ll offer a recent example and discuss ways to spot them. Let’s start with an example of a caption we spotted today from a page – claiming to be Disney – which states they are giving away tickets that were returned:

We have 479 Disney Land ticket’s that have been returned, we can not resell these ticket’s therefore we are giving them away to our fan’s!

To be entered to win a pair of these Disney Land ticket’s all you have to do is LIKE our page, SHARE this photo, then COMMENT BELOW with “I Love Disney Land!” and that’s it!

Please hurry as supplies are limited to 479 people, this offer won’t last forever! Good Luck!

Winner’s will be notified on 4/20/2013 via inbox message!

These types of posts are commonly used with fake Disney giveaways on Facebook.

These types of posts are commonly used with fake Disney giveaways on Facebook.


One of the first things to look for is poor grammar. Notice in the example above that they spell “Disney Land” instead of “Disneyland.” There are quite a few grammatical errors such as “winner’s” instead of “winners.” The first three paragraphs are run-on sentences!

Created Recently

In almost every case with these fake giveaways, the page was created very recently. Our example was created on April 13, 2013 – six days prior to this article being written. The page will almost certainly be gone within a few days.

Requests to Like & Share

Though major companies have asked users to like or share a post or image, it’s rare, and in this case it’s the only post by this page.

Not Official

These pages usually claim to be official, but if you navigate to the actual Disney page, there is no mention of such a giveaway. Disney has 43 million followers, while this page has 11 thousand. It should also be noted that there are Russian characters in the title of the example here, and this type of use of non-standard characters also appears to be quite common for these fake pages. Finally, the cover photo includes a graphic containing a URL from a third-party website. Are we to believe that Disney can’t create its own graphics? Absurd!

Here is a Facebook page offering a fake giveaway aimed at gaining likes.

Here is a Facebook page offering a fake giveaway aimed at gaining likes.

Why do they do it?

The most common question we are asked is why such pages exist in the first place. The most common reason is to simply build likes and page popularity. After sufficient likes are earned, the page is taken offline (hidden, not deleted) and sold to another company, who then changes the title and has a massive built-in fan base.

Bottom Line

There are no free tickets to be had. Liking and sharing such posts such as this will do nothing but proliferate deception by dishonest page admins. If you see these “giveaways” being posted on Facebook, drop a link to this article in the comments to set them straight! Or drop us a link in the comments and we’ll spread the word!

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