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Viral: Family Guy, Married with Children “Predicted” Jenner’s Transition

Viral: Family Guy, Married with Children “Predicted” Jenner’s Transition

Videos heavily circulating on social media this week allegedly show predictions regarding Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner years ago by Family Guy and Married… with Children.

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Family Guy Predictions

Two Family Guy clips currently circulating allegedly “predicted” Bruce Jenner’s transition to a woman. The first clip features an exchange between characters Brian and Stewie, in which Stewie refutes Brian’s statement that “Bruce Jenner is a man.”

“No, Brian. That’s what the press would have you believe, but he’s not,” Stewie claims. “Bruce Jenner is a woman. An elegant, beautiful Dutch woman.”

In another clip, we see Jenner entertaining the troops with a burlesque dance while holding a pink feather boa.

Married… with Children Prediction

A 1996 episode of Married… with Children features guest stars Roy Jones, Jr. and Bo Jackson. Both men mistakenly identify the character Marcy, played by actress Amanda Bearse, as Bruce Jenner.

Bottom Line

Clips from Family Guy and Married With Children do include references to Bruce Jenner’s gender, but are not necessarily predictions. In the case of Married… with Children, the comparison to Jenner was more likely a jab at the Marcy character, who was the butt of running jokes which compared her to a chicken or an adolescent male.

In the case of the Family Guy clips, Jenner is still depicted as a man in the burlesque video, although it was only a couple of years later that tabloids began referring to Jenner as “cross-dresser.” This has lead some readers to ask if Seth MacFarlane was privy to information not yet available to the general public, or if he was simply poking fun at Jenner’s appearance at the time.

What do you think of these clips?

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