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White “Free Candy” Van Freaks Out Parents

Source: Lawrence Bellow
White “Free Candy” Van Freaks Out Parents

Parents in a Sacramento suburb expressed concern after seeing a dubious white “Free Candy” van seen cruising through area neighborhoods.

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Free Candy Van

The beat up white van featured the words “Free Candy” written in red, with smeared hand prints leading to the back door. There was no license plate and the windows were blacked out.

A 12 year old named Lawrence Bellow snapped a pic of the mysterious vehicle and told the local CBS affiliate, “I was kind of nervous about it; I didn’t know what was going on so I just wanted to get evidence in case anything happened.”

It was parked on his street after having been seen at a local Walmart earlier in the day.

“It just felt like they were trying to track kids and it just gave me a creepy feeling,” the boy said.

Burning Man

The creepy and conspicuous nature of the vehicle was intended, as the van was created as a joke. It was on its way to the annual Burning Man Festival which is held in the Nevada desert. Attendees are known to bring odd or artistic vehicles to the event.

The van was owned by a friend of Sierra Deblonk, who said, “It was a joke,” and seemed surprised that it garnered so much attention.

Deblong did seem to take some solace in the attention, however, stating, “It’s nice to know that if was there actually a creepy white van around that people would be taking notice of that.”

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