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Classic Odd News: The Green Cat of Bulgaria

Classic Odd News: The Green Cat of Bulgaria

A look back at the story of a bright green cat found wandering the streets of Bulgaria in late 2014.

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Green Cat of Bulgaria

Locals of the seaside town of Varna in Bulgaria began reporting a bright green cat wandering the streets. Some suggested that the cat may have been painted as a cruel prank, while skeptical readers online questioned the veracity of the story.

In December 2014, the cat was located and its green appearance was finally explained. It appears that the cat had been sleeping on an abandoned pile of green paint powder in a garage. It was believed that the paint slowly covered the cat over time which gave it a striking green hue.

After the cat gained international notoriety, it disappeared from its neighborhood streets for several days, leading some to believe that it had abducted due to her new-found fame. This prompted an animal rescue team to clean the cat, revealing a rather ordinary-looking cat, although still sporting a vague green tint.

After the cat’s washing in January 2015, there have been no updates on the feline, although the story has made its way into internet “fact” pages.

The dying of pets is something of a trend in some parts of the world, which has been denounced by pets’ rights organizations such as PETA.

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