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Viral: Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend and Posts it on Instagram

Viral: Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend and Posts it on Instagram

Instagram exploded overnight with a two videos posted by an Instagram account which showed a bloody scene after a man allegedly killed his girlfriend.

Instagram Murder?

The first video shows a man, Zacharia Sizatti, from the Instagram account @zachariasizatti covered in blood in his bathroom – which is also covered in blood – screaming at the camera. The caption reads, “I WILL KILL UOU. YOU STUPId piece of sh–.”

A follow-up video posted shortly after pans the bloody bathroom floor and sink. The bathroom door is briefly cracked open, revealing what appears to be a police officer standing outside. The caption of the second video reads, “I’m going to jail for the rest of my life because of @genericgillian.”


The second video was amassing comments at a rate of 200 per minute at one point, drawing speculation and spammers alike. Many commenters, in apparent attempts at gaining followers, offered “evidence” either proving it was real or fake to anyone who followed them.

There were also a number of fake “genericgillian” profiles claiming to be the woman in the comments, posting from newly-created profiles which were slightly misspelled from the original.


The @genericgillian account posted a text image on July 10, clarifying the story:

I am alive. My ex posted an extremely intense video of the situation. Not sure why people thought I was doing this for followers because I wasn’t even aware of this? For people who were genuinely concerned, thank you.

I don’t understand why I would want followers off of this?? IM ALIVE

A photo posted by @genericgillian on

Despite the post above, some commenters – who believed the man’s video to be real – insisted it may have been the boyfriend posting on her behalf. Minutes after the above post appeared, the first of the two “boyfriend” videos disappeared.

The next morning, both Instagram accounts were set to private.

If you have any information on the videos, please drop us a comment below.

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