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Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download

Myspace to Make Old Blogs Available for Download

Myspace has announced a tool which will allow the download of old blogs by previous users.

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When the new Myspace launched earlier this year, previous users were outraged to find that their old data had been removed. Users were initially given the opportunity to retrieve old Myspace photos, and Myspace has announced a tool which will allow the download of old blogs by previous users.

In June 2013, the “new” Myspace launched, and many existing Myspace users were surprised to find that their old profiles were wiped clean.

The powers at Myspace allowed previous users to retrieve their old pictures (though some have claimed that their method doesn’t work). Old blogs, private messages, videos, comments, posts, backgrounds, and games were all removed with no way to get them back.


Following months of user complaints, Myspace finally updated their response to the question “Where is all of my old Myspace stuff?” with the following:

Thank you everyone for your feedback regarding your classic Myspace blogs. We understand that this information is very important to you and apologize for not providing an answer sooner. Please understand that your blogs have not been deleted. Your content is safe and we have been discussing the best ways possible to provide you your blogs.

In August 2013, they issued another update:

We’re creating an export tool that will allow you the opportunity to download a copy of your blogs. The first step to recovering your blogs is to submit a request. To learn more about submitting your request, please visit Your Classic Myspace Blogs.

Download Tool

There has been an announcement that a new tool to download old Myspace blogs will be implemented in the first week of September. Below is a screen shot of how the tool will look once it is available to you:


For more information on downloading your old Myspace blog, see:
How do I get my Classic Myspace Blogs? (Myspace)

Additional Information

  • If you deleted your old Myspace account, you will not be able to retrieve your old blog.
  • Blogs will be in HTML format, and will look much like they did when they appeared on the social network.
  • Comments on your blog will not be included.
  • They are rolling out this feature, which may take a few months before your blog available.

Old Myspace Photos

For more information about retrieving your old Myspace photos, see:
How to Retrieve Your Old Photos in the New Myspace

Bottom Line

Myspace has released a tool for retrieving active user blogs from the old Myspace.

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