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Is This a “Magic” Photo of Clouds?

Is This a “Magic” Photo of Clouds?

Today on Facebook I ran across an image of a large bank of clouds looming over a neighborhood. The caption read: “hit like and share Wait 3 seconds and watch the magic ^_^” Have you shared this photo and wanted to know what the magic is?

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Unfortunately, there is no magic other than sharing the image and proliferating this hoax. The idea is to get you to like and share their post, not to deliver anything special to your screen. The act of sharing or liking an image will in no way change or alter the original, nor will anything show up on the screen after doing so. It’s impossible that sharing an image will show anything other than what you’ve already seen in the original.

As of this writing, there were over 54,000 shares of this image. So you might be asking what the point of this is? The point is to get more shares, which will get the page generating the image more likes. Tricking people into sharing helps them facilitate and expand their Facebook presence.

Nothing will happen if you like or share this image.


If you fell for it, don’t worry. Tens of thousands of others have done the same. And this isn’t the only incidence of these “tricky” images. Check out more of these types of photos in the list below:

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