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Real or Hoax: Scuba Diver in New York Subway

Real or Hoax: Scuba Diver in New York Subway

A photo has hit the internet today featuring a scuba diver swimming in the New York subway. Is the picture real or a hoax?

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It’s fake.

Aside from the relatively sloppy photo editing job, there are a few glaring errors in the photo concerning the lighting. The photo features a fully-lit subway, which would not occur in an underwater scenario. Further, the clarity of the image is not true to how such an underwater image would look. If this were a real photo, objects in the distance would not be lit nearly as well, if at all.

If you’re still not convinced, the most damning piece of evidence can be seen on the floor of the subway – in which puddles of water can be seen. How would puddles of water appear underwater?


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