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Kidnapped Man Forced to Do Dishes, Housework

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Kidnapped Man Forced to Do Dishes, Housework

An Oklahoma man was kidnapped and forced to do household chores by his five captors.

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Bizarre Kidnapping

Law enforcement in the small Oklahoma town of Dewar said that five suspects have been arrested in a bizarre kidnapping case.

An unnamed victim was tied to a chair and held at knife-point while his captors assaulted him and threatened to kill his family.

When one of the captors left, another forced the victim to do laundry, clean a fish tank, and do the dishes.

District 25 Chief Robert Frost said, “In 32 years, I have never seen a more bizarre case than this.”

Police were alerted to the kidnapping when the victim managed to escape and call for help. A day-long investigation yielded the arrest of five suspects in connection with the case.

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