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Lauren Hill – Not Lauryn Hill – Has Passed Away

Lauren Hill – Not Lauryn Hill – Has Passed Away

News of the death of 19 year old basketball player Lauren Hill has confused some fans of singer Lauryn Hill into believing that star has died.

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Lauren Hill

19 year old basketball Lauren Hill died on April 10, a year after being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She was a freshman at Mouth St. Joseph University in Ohio. Hill had recently raised $1 million for pediatric cancer research and was featured on Wheaties cereal boxes. She was given an honorary doctorate only 2 months ago.

Lauryn Hill Fake “Death Hoax”

Fans of Lauryn Hill upon hearing of the passing of “Lauren Hill” have taken to the internet to see if the singer had in fact died. Many readers ran across the fake news generator Mediamass, which posts phony “death hoax” stories for hundreds of living celebrities and continually re-dates them to appear current. This has caused confusion, with some readers believing that a death hoax for the singer had recently occurred.

See our full story on Mediamass here.

Bottom Line

19 year old basketball player Lauren Hill has died. Due to the similarity in names, some fans have mistakenly believed that singer Lauryn Hill had died. This has been further confused by the fake news generator Mediamass, which has a phony “death hoax” article for her, along with hundreds of other celebrities.

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