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Classic Odd News: Mr. Nanny “Dog Throwing” Scene

Classic Odd News: Mr. Nanny “Dog Throwing” Scene

The 1993 Hulk Hogan movie Mr. Nanny may be forgettable to most movie critics, but it is perhaps best remembered for unintentionally capturing a bizarre scene that apparently wasn’t even meant to be part of the film. Today we take a look back at the infamous Mr. Nanny “dog tossing” scene.

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Mr. Nanny

Hulk Hogan starred in this campy 1993 family film about a former professional wrestler who was hired as a bodyguard to two unruly children. The plot thickens when a mad scientists kidnaps the kids in an attempt to obtain a microchip and take over the world.

Dog Tossing Scene

Toward the beginning of the film, there is a scene in which Hulk Hogan’s character Sean is seen riding his motorcycle through Palm Beach, Florida. As he passes a clearing near a shore, a man in the background wearing a pink shirt can be seen tossing a black dog into the water. It doesn’t appear to have been a planned part of the scene, however it made it into the movie nonetheless.

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The scene was discussed on the popular podcast How Did This Get Made in 2014. As the scene was played before a live audience (around the 28-minute mark), roars of laughter could be heard by those in attendance. One of the hosts shouted, “A person throwing a dog into the water!” The panel joked that the editors may have only had the one take and said, “We gotta use it!” Another panelist joked that it was someone “disposing of a dog’s body.”

The clip is reminiscent of a series of photos which circulated several years ago which showed a man tossing a dog into the ocean. After harsh social media reaction to the photos, the man was found and stated he was merely playing with his dogs, and tossed one which was hesitant to enter the water.

Mr. Nanny has been panned by most critics and movie viewers, holding a 3.5 rating on IMDB and 7% score at Rotten Tomatoes.

Bottom Line

The 1993 Hulk Hogan movie Mr. Nanny includes a scene near the beginning of the film in which a man can be seen tossing a dog into the water. Why the dog was being tossed into the ocean has been speculated, but no definitive answer has been revealed.

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