Viral Video: Nerf Darts on Eyes

Viral Video: Nerf Darts on Eyes

A viral video today features a man with Nerf darts attached to his eyes.

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The video, posted to the YouTube channel of Charles Tietjan on June 25, 2015, is simply entitled, “Nerf gun to the eye.”

It begins with a young man with one dart already attached to his right eye, and shows him using a CD as a mirror to attach one to the left eye. Once both darts are attached, the man moves his eyes around rapidly as snickers can be heard in the background. The 18-second video ends with the man about to remove the darts.

Discussion of the video on Reddit reveals that the darts were actually attached to contacts the man was wearing, and not directly to his eyes.

The video racked up a quarter of a million views on its first day.

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