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Did Sarah Palin Urge Invasion of Ebola?

Did Sarah Palin Urge Invasion of Ebola?

Did Sarah Palin urge President Obama to invade Ebola, as a report heavily shared on social media this week suggests?

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The story is fake.

Sarah Palin did not make such statements. Her “open letter” circulating on social media websites this week is actually the work of the “satirical” website National Report. Some readers have shared the article unware that it is not true, while others have passed it on to simply poke fun at the popular political target.


The fake National Report article includes an “open letter” in which Palin appears to mistake Ebola for a country or perhaps a terrorist organization such as ISIS, urging President Obama to take military action. “How many more American heads must be cut off at your hands with their blood at your feet before you take action, Mr. President?” the fake letter writes.

Ebola and Satire

A slew of satirical stories have attempted to cash in on the increased media attention on the Ebola virus in recent weeks. Although National Report published the phony Palin article in mid-September, it appears to be increasing in social media sharing in light of the first Ebola case announced in the U.S. recently.

palin3Sarah Palin

The former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate has been a popular target for political opponents and fake/satire news websites such as National Report. Palin is often derided for her gaffes and misstatements, including a real gaffe last week in which she cited the incorrect address for the White House as 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In late 2013, another satirical article regarding Palin went viral. That story alleged that Palin claimed Jesus celebrated Easter.

Bottom Line

Sarah Palin did not urge President Obama to invade Ebola. That article originated from the website National Report, which publishes only false news.

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