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  • Reviews
    Micro Touch One Razor Reviews: Does it Work? (Dec. 2015 Update)

    Micro Touch One is a safety razor advertised on television featuring Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. Read our Micro Touch One Razor reviews from editors and readers.

  • Odd News
    Georgia Barber Offers “Benjamin Button Special” Cut To Unruly Children

    Parents in the Atlanta who have kids that constantly misbehave can take a suburban Atlanta barber up on his deal: he’ll cut their hair with the “Benjamin Button Special”, making them look like old men.

  • Celebrity News
    Jennifer Aniston Discusses Fake Shaved Head Photo

    Jennifer Aniston appeared on Conan and discussed a fake image which went viral in 2013 that showed the actress with a shaved head.

  • Current Events
    Girl Shaves Head to Support Friend, Violates School Dress Code

    A Colorado school sent home a student after she showed up to school bald, as a gesture of support for her friend battling cancer.

  • Humor
    7 Reasons Why Being Bald Rocks

    So you’re considering the move to the dark side of hair style – and just want to shave it all off? I’ve been shaving my head to bald perfection for years, and I’d never go back. Shaving my head brought me a sense of youthful confidence I hadn’t felt since my early...

  • How To...
    How to Shave Your Head

    As obvious as it sounds, there are people who haven’t shaved their heads who might want a few tips before taking the plunge. My bald head has lured quite a few interested guys who needed a little advice before going for it. And not so obviously – there are a few ways...