7 Reasons Why Being Bald Rocks

7 Reasons Why Being Bald Rocks

So you’re considering the move to the dark side of hair style – and just want to shave it all off? I’ve been shaving my head to bald perfection for years, and I’d never go back. Shaving my head brought me a sense of youthful confidence I hadn’t felt since my early 20s. It erased signs of age that hair can bring to older guys, and brought a a new wave of women ogling my new-found dome.

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And I’m not talking about a bald-ish buzz cut here. We’re talking baby-bottom baldness achieved with a razor to rid one’s head of all traces of hair. And that’s the only way to rock the bald look, going all-in with your chips and throwing your gauntlet in the hairless ring. If you’re on the fence, consider these 7 good reasons why being bald rocks.

No More Bad Hair Days
You won’t wake up with “bed head” nor will you cringe at a windy day. Woke up late and have no time for a shower? No problem. Gone are the days of wetting a comb or preening in the bathroom.

End Dandruff
Shaving your head with a razor will end dandruff as you know it. It will technically still be there, but shaving scrapes off most of that dead skin that would have otherwise found its way to your shoulders. I found it also ended virtually all traces of my seborrheic dermatitis as well.

Chicks Dig It
Not all women love a bald head, but you’ll soon discover that a certain segment of the female population love it, to the point of finding a bald head irresistible. The first time a young lady comes up and wants to rub your bald head, you’ll thank me for writing this.

Look Younger
Having no hair will eliminate the presence of gray hair or a receding hairline, both of which make you look like the old guy. Think of yourself with gray hair, receding hair, or no hair and imagine which of those three looks younger. By the way, if you decide to keep some facial hair and it’s gray – consider dying it.

Shower in Easy Mode
When you’re bald, a shower consists of soaping up your body, including your smooth crown, rinsing off, and getting out. Rather than drying our hair or walking around with a wet mop, us baldies merely towel off the scalp and we’re all set.

Lose the Stylist
Having hair means that regularly-dreaded trip to the overpriced stylist, who inevitably doesn’t quite get it right. And even if they manage to nail the style you want, how long before it starts to grow out and not look so right anymore? Trims, cuts, combing, blow-drying… all nuisances of the past.

Jack of all Styles
Unlike a chic new hairstyle that may or may not work in every social setting, a bald head is never out of style and never out of place. No longer will you be a slave to the latest sweep or curl or cut. A man with a bald head can easily maneuver among fashions, from slob to golf pro, night club to rock club. You could go from a rock concert to a country bar, effortlessly led by your hairless head.

If you do decide to shave your head, give yourself some time to get used to it. At first, your scalp might appear rather pale, which is only temporary. You also might be hyper-aware of new sensations to your scalp such as wind, cool air, or even the pillow on your bed. Those sensations become normal in short order. Try it for a month and see how it works for you. I’m sure that even if you decide to grow your hair back, you’ll find a new appreciate for the bald culture.

Want to take the plunge? Here’s a quick guide I wrote years ago about my technique on how to shave your head.

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