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Georgia Barber Offers “Benjamin Button Special” Cut To Unruly Children

Georgia Barber Offers “Benjamin Button Special” Cut To Unruly Children

Parents in the Atlanta who have kids that constantly misbehave can take a suburban Atlanta barber up on his deal: he’ll cut their hair with the “Benjamin Button Special”, making them look like old men.

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Russell Fredrick, who co-owns the Snellville A-1 Kutz barber shop, said the first person to undergo the “special” was his 12-year-old son. The “Benjamin Button Special” involves a shaved head with the back and sides left alone.

Fredrick said his son got the haircut when he was failing school, and after getting it, they improved. That’s when he decided to begin offering the “Benjamin Button Special” a free-of-charge choice for parents looking for some type of unconventional disciplinary method for kids who don’t behave.

A mother of a 10-year-old was the first customer to partake in the offer. This child was constantly getting in trouble at school. However, upon receiving it, the behavior was corrected and the boy came back to the store several days later to fix it.

With the mother’s permission, Fredrick posted photos of the child on Instagram. These photos went viral. He said the response has been overwhelming in support of his efforts, although some people see it as emotional abuse.

Fredrick said the little boy knew why he was getting a haircut and decided to use it to make himself stronger. He said people need to reach these misbehaving kids someway, and he’d be delighted to do this once more.

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