Ty Bollinger’s Cancer Book

Ty Bollinger’s Cancer Book

A look at a book promoted by Ty Bollinger called “Cancer: Step Outside of the Box.”

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First of all, his websites (yes plural) look like the typical e-book affiliate sites which ramble on about how great the product is, give little info, tons of testimonials, free e-books if you purchase, and end with a link to buy their amazing, breakthrough product.

Here are a couple of his sites:

I’ve seen the book. Severe grammatical issues aside, and once you wade through the religious ramblings, the personal stories, and the conspiracy theories, you’ll find the same old natural “cures” found easily on the internet. For free.

And despite the fact that Mr. Bollinger may even have good intentions, the low quality of his book, paired with the fact that there really isn’t any thing ground-breaking included, makes it a product of questionable value.

It starts to feel like it is a marketing campaign which preys on those who are sick and desperate for a cure.

When reading reviews of the book, be sure to look at the glowing 5 star reviews in comparison to the 1 and 3 star reviews.

It’s one thing to write a book about natural cancer cures. But this book is not the most informative, not the most informed, not the best written, and not the most unique on the topic.

I know if I were diagnosed with cancer and looking for something like “juicing to rid myself of cancer” then I’d read what nutritionists, herbalists, and yes even medical doctors who believe in alternative medicine have to say.

And I’d start juicing like crazy until I found some sort of consensus on the matter.

I would not invest in a poorly written ebook which is merely a collection of cures easily found on the internet.

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