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William Shatner Debunks Tree Lighting Hoax

William Shatner Debunks Tree Lighting Hoax

William Shatner has debunked a hoax which claimed he would make an appearance to switch on a Cheshire town’s Christmas lights this year.

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Frodsham Hoax

Residents of Frodsham were excited to see a series of official tweets on November 24, which included a quote by William Shatner stating that he would appear at this year’s Christmas Festival.

William Shatner Frodsham Hoax

“I’m very excited to be coming to Frodsham. I’ve long been fascinated by the glacial landscape of the Cheshire countryside – its vast plain and sandstone ridges, not unlike some distant planet visited by the crew of the Enterprise! See you there! William Shatner.”

The festival sent out additional tweets announcing Shatner’s appearance, and stated he would also perform Christmas songs from a new album.

Shatner Responds

The 83-year old actor was quick to fire back, noting “There’s a reason why the word Sham is in the name!”

In a subsequent tweet, Shatner stated that “I’m sure it was done for some fun.”

Hoax Revealed

While one may suspect that such a hoax would be perpetrated by someone who surreptitiously hacked the festival’s Twitter account, the BBC reports that the tweets were in fact sent out by a “friend” of one of the festival organizers who had access to the account.

Bottom Line

A Christmas Festival in Frodsham sent out a series of tweets announcing William Shatner as this year’s special guest who would switch on the Christmas lights. The announcement turned out to be a hoax, and Shatner personally responded that it was “not true.”

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