Who Called Me?

8007331116 Phone Number Bothering You?

8007331116 Phone Number Bothering You?

Does the number 800-733-1116 keep calling you? This is a apparently a legitimate business “nag” line. Read below to see who it is.

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Sears credit.

They’ll leave a message such as this:

We are sorry we could not speak to you personally. We appreciate your busy schedule, so please call Citi Cards regarding your Sears consumer account at 1-800-733-1116 between the hours of 7:30am to midnight Eastern, Monday through Friday. Or 9am to 6pm Eastern Saturday and Sunday. Or visit us at www.searscard.com. This is a not a sales call. And any of our representatives can assist you. Again the number is 1-800-733-1116. We look forward to speaking with you.

Chances are that you’re late with a credit card payment. It’s also possible that they have the wrong number. It’s not a sales call. If you feel that the call is in error, you may want to call them back and tell them to remove you from their list, as it’s unlikely they won’t stop calling on their own.


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Who Called Me?

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